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  1. If it works for me its not "suboptimal", in fact my flow rate is at about 4, its fact I get rid of about 4 headaches per tank at 15 minute intervals.Anyways I said they were diminishing, we are all different and I am not misleading anyone. 

  2. 18 hours ago, CHfather said:


    You are now getting four aborts from each of those small tanks?

    The length and pain are diminishing, so when i feel something i hit it for 15 minutes and good to go. Im praying the cycle is coming to an end. 4 may be misleading if theres is just starting a cycle.

  3. 33 minutes ago, CHfather said:

    I feel compelled to mention again that there are people who assert that having a bag of combustible O2 around is not a safe practice.

    I dont understand what that means, bag?

    As for tanks thats all they carry, i did ask.

    I will look at the welding link, thank you for posting.

    Thanks for input, take care.

  4. Touche, as i have burned thru 2 tanks in 3 days, I had no idea it would be used up that fast..I had a regulator (plead the 5th) and mask. But my regulator only goes up to 8, idk the volume its producing, 3 seems like a good number..

  5. I never realized how cheap it is paying out of pocket. I just assumed since Medicare, in my case, wont cover it im screwed. Then , duh, called for Rx (must have) and bam 3 tanks for $21. This may not be news to most, but I hope it will/can help someone..

  6. Ok, i thought the cycle was coming to an end, it seemed long overdue according to previous weeks. I went 4 days with nothing, 5th day I got cocky and drank and got zapped ( my fault undoubtedly). I then wen 3 days without, and BAM last night I got one out of nowhere. 

    Any similar experiences?