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  1. I'll post about my regulator size and tank when I get home and can access the paperwork. 

    I am episodic. This is only my fourth cycle. My first occurred in Feb 2012 and lasted for 6 months. I think it lasted so long because I had no idea what i was dealing with. A friend suggested magic mushrooms. I really didn't think they would work but i was willing to try anything at that point. To my amazement, they worked and CH went away within the next week. I've had 2 cycles since then that i treated with mushrooms successfully. 

    This cycle is more persistent. It began Aug 2 at 3:30. The first 6 weeks were horrendous. I was prescribed a few meds but they were not helpful. I have also been taking mushrooms almost weekly since the cycle started with the exception of skipping 2 weeks. After reading here about the mushroom "schedule" I've recently switched it up a bit so i am taking them every 5 days now. I'll be dosing later tonight to stay on track. They have helped me the most. The mushrooms  have decreased the frequency, severity and length of the attacks. For me, I'm just not sure why the mushrooms are no longer working to make it go away completely. I know i'm just a few weeks in to the cycle but I am wondering if this means I'm going chronic now. And that worries me. 

    I'm taking the vit 3 regimen for 2.5 solid weeks now but I really do not notice any change from that. I've stopped all prescribed meds, I have ordered the rivera seeds and am waiting for those to arrive but have not tried them yet. 

    When Emgality becomes available in Canada I will get it as soon as i can. 

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    Hang in there @kat_92!  I could not access medical oxygen s went the welder's route last week through praxair in my neighborhood.  To be honest, when i had all the gear  i wasn't really sure what i was doing with it all. But with a wrench and special adapter that fits the regulator and hose, I'm all set now.  With the exception of a brutal CH last night, i believe it is def helping.  

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  3. How long did you wait for your appointment with Dr Diamond? What tests/scans did he require? Have you actually had the emgality injection? I recently read on the site it had been FDA approved. When i contacted the company, i was advised it is approved in Canada as well but there are supply chain issues and to keep checking in so it is not yet available where i am.  Does anyone know if a GP can prescribe and give the emgality injection?    I have been considering traveling to the Mayo clinic in MN but am concerned their neurologists will require MRI, CT or other scans and tests before they would give me an injection which will significantly raise the costs without knowing if this will actually be effective for me....  Thanks to all!  

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