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  1. This is the place for you.  I'm sure you have heard the response when you tell people about the pain.. "Yea,  I get that too sometimes".  Find a good headache DR.  And please read about the D3 regimen.  It helps a lot of us.  Make sure your Dr is on board so they do all the follow ups.  Hang in there and keep us posted.

  2. Blair,  hang in there, this is the place for you. With all the meds you are taking no wonder you so tired.  I get it.  everyone is different but all the same.  I also take verap 240mg twice a day when a cycle comes,  and that zaps energy like crazy.  Please look through this board and fine the D3 Regimen.  That has helped a lot of us to where we are pain free in about ten days.  worth giving it a try.  Once it kicks in I can stop the verap and get on with my life.  Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  3. only when I take the additional 240mg"s of the verap.  makes it tough to work out, and mostly drained of energy.  Like I said when the D3 regemine kicks in and I drop the extra verap, my energy levels go back to normal.  Also fatigue is always a problem in a cycle for me due to the stress.  But as soon as I'm pain free,  I'm good to go.

  4. Hey Newbie,  I take 240MG"s of Verap for blood pressure on a daily basis,  once in a cycle it goes to 240 twice a day.  This is enough to calm the beast. I also do the D3 regemin as Batch recommends.  as soon as that kicks in,   about ten days I cut back on the verap.   Might give that a try.

  5. Thanks Batch,  You are godsend for this community.  I don't post often,  but have been following this board for a long time.  Started the regimen about 4 years ago and have great results.  I take 249 Mg od verapamil for my blood pressure but elevate that when a cycle starts to twice a day.  I really would like to get rid of the second dose as it make me a little tired.  Thanks again.

  6. Has anyone used CBD to ease the beast?  I started a new cycle this month with mostly big shadowing.  My son who takes CBD for anxiety, gave me some last night and it seamed to relive the shadow almost right away.  Just asking.

  7. On ‎9‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 5:09 PM, Dan32 said:

    @Willy I'm very new here as well so would be inclined to put other people's advice ahead of my own but wanted to chime in.

    I also have had nerve blocks in the past, but I also found a medication called Verapamil was really effective. It's a blood pressure med with very little side effects (constipation, can lower heart rate at high doses) and I was taking 2 x 240mg/day when I'm in my cluster period. Would still get some shadows but it has been the biggest help to me, you just need a prescription for it. Most people recommend getting the standard release, not the slow release, and I would take it for a few weeks until I felt like I'm free of cluster. It wasnt something that would abort a headache in progress, but after a few days taking it was like the inflammation got under control.

    As I understand it though it's not effective for all CH sufferers but the fact you'd previously had success with the nerve blocks rang true for me so wanted to throw it out there. I'm ordering what I need for Batch's D3 vitamin regimen now so I can have 2 x lines of defence.

    Dan,  My cardio guy has me on 240mg once a day for my blood pressure,  when I'm in a cycle,  it goes to 240 twice a day.  It usually works well for me.   I am also on the D3 regimen. I was diagnosed when I was in my late twenties as well.  I just turned 60 and the frequency has dropped a lot in the last couple of years.  The support I get from this website is great just by reading posts.  The D3 is the best recipe.  Good luck!

  8. Been a Clusterhead for 45 years,  at 60, I'm hoping to be geesing out.  My question is that I have my D tested every 3 months with a 10,000 IU every day.  My readings have been in the upper 60"s.  Started a new cycle with only major Shadowing but nothing on the Kip scale in reguards to pain.  How much should I increase the vitamin D to get to the proper level.  I take the rest of the D regimine, as well as 240mg of Verapamill twice daily.