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  1. I'm in the works of getting officially diagnosed by a primary physician, hoping to be able to get on O2 and/or some sort of medication.

    The soonest that they can see me is October 11th at the moment. 


    Any tips and tricks to survive till I can see them?


    After 2 years cluster free I am back.  

    I had an attack today.  Still shaking. 


    I will take any advice or information that you guys have. Or share what has helped you




    Anyone have referrals to doctors in Utah preferably Salt Lake area?

  3. 21 hours ago, Siegfried said:

    Hi Patheticfern,

    May I ask you what doses you take ? I both a 10 ml bottle a while ago that has 15% CBD oil. The seller told me this is the lightest form of CBD for medical application. Can go up to 30 %. For me to have a little bit of an effect, I need around 20 drops while the guy in the store advised 3 drops per 3 hours... so much it makes me unwell. Maybe I need a higher concentration ? And how do you dose that ? Once a day or several times a day ?

    I have chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and chronic migraine. For the CPH, I need to take indomethacin to get it under control. Unfortunately, indomethacin makes my migraine attacks worse and resistant against triptans. I am currently experimenting again with topiramate. It has a clear effect on both headaches but I am too sensitive to it and too many side effects. 


    I'm not sure the percentage. I take 1/2 mL 2x a day. Then I smoke CBD or take another dose if I feel an onset of a cluster.   

    This is the CBD I use.  https://cbdamericanshaman.com/water-soluble-full-spectrum-hemp-oil-30ml

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  4. My cluster season is set to start soon.  Not excited get a feeling of dread just thinking about it. I want to figure out my options before they hit so I'm prepared. 

    What do you guys do? 

    I want to know what helps and works for you guys. I know my options are: oxygen, busting, or living through it.


    Last year I couldn't try busting because I was pregnant. I did take a daily dose of CBD and that seemed to help.  

    I'm so happy this forum exists so we can all be there for each other and know we're not alone. 

    Also anyone from UT that knows a good DR to go to?

  5. I'm hearing that CBD is either a hit or a miss with cluster headaches.

    If it has worked for you let me know what you do. 

    I thought I would give it a try. If it doesn't help my clusters at least it has other benefits.  I have water soluble drops that I'll take 2x a day and a vape pen that I'll try for onset of a headache

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