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  1. On 6/25/2021 at 5:45 PM, Tony Only said:

    I'm following this too. Reminds me of Ayurveda, also out of India. https://www.webmd.com/balance/guide/ayurvedic-treatments

    In ayurvedic treatments people are treated based on their individual "body types" (doshas). They also view cluster headache as curable. It's a huge promise but so far I don't know of any patients who would have truly test ran ayurvedic treatment protocols, to see how well they work or do they. 

    After a pain free month, and just when I thought that the homeopathy meds were working, the attacks are back. This is my forth cycle this year. Looks like I'm going from episodic to chronic. Getting just a month between cycles. Things going from bad to worse for me. 



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  2. 12 hours ago, Bejeeber said:

    Hi Vipul, would you be able to post the ingredients and their strengths (like 2x, 3x etc.) for the homeopathic meds you were given?

    Hi, in India, the homeopaths mix up the medicine themselves. So dont know what it is. But since he's a friend, I will ask him. 



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  3. Hello, 

    About 2 weeks back, I was suffering some very nasty attacks. 2 to 3 a day each lasting an hour reaching extremely high pain levels. 

    I happened to speak to a friend who is a homeopathy doctor. I was surprised to hear from him that cluster headaches were curable in homeopathy. He spoke to me for an hour on everything except my attacks including emotional issues that I may have had in the past. 

    He sounded very confident. He gave me some meds. 

    Next day onwards my pain levels came down. 3 days later my attacks became less frequent. 2 weeks into the treatment, my attacks have almost stopped. I get an odd minor attack once in a while but no full blown attack now. 

    I know fully well that CH is never going to go away. But I am pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating CH. 

    I will continue the meds and report feedback here. 

    Pain free wishes to all. 

    Har Har Mahadev 


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  4. 2 hours ago, jon019 said:

    ...absolutely no reason to just ride out hits if your prevents are not working.... or you are having breakthroughs. just be cautious on overuse...not heart healthy and can cause rebounds. sorry if i missed, is O2 not working?

    .... as others have said, orals are useless as abortives....however, some folks who know their cycle and hit pattern well are able to use as sort of a prevent to get some sleep or for pf time for an event....

    ...re nasal sprays...i don't think it's a waste to find if something works...or doesn't....is equally valuable info either way. Zomig NS (5 mg) was my go to as abort of last resort...no side effects and a long pf window. also easily and unobtrusively used...

    ...the reports i've seen indicate that many folks can successfully abort with less than 6 mg...which is a big HAMMER. 2-3 mg worked great for me and many others with fewer, if any, side effects, less chance of rebounds, cheaper, more aborts per script. hack the stat pens or better yet, vials and insulin needles....



    Thanks for the detailed info Jonathan. 

    I tried looking for the O2 set up initially. O2 was easily available but no supplier here was able to arrange a 10-15 lpm flow rate which I believe is required. In fact they thought I was crazy as this kind of flow rate is used only in an icu here. Post covid I am sure I will be able to find enough options for O2 as lots of suppliers here have imported high flow regulators. 

    Over the last 3 years, my cycles have kept on increasing and am unable to predict when the a cycle will get over and when the next will start. First year I had 2 cycles, one in July/August and the other in dec/jan. 3 cycles in the second year. This year my cycle stops for a month and starts again. Shiver to think I am turning cronic. 

    I am going to get the nasal spray and the 6mg injection today. Will first try the nasal. If it doesn't work, I'll try the injection on the next attack. I need to look up videos on how to self inject as well. Is it tough? 

    Love and regards


    Har Har Mahadev 



  5. 11 hours ago, CHfather said:

    Many people get good relief from the nasal spray.  If you get the injectable, you can divide it into two or three doses.  https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/2446-extending-imitrex/  

    Hello CHfather, I will try the nasal spray first and hope it helps. 

    The thing about the injectable is that I am not able to have any of my doctors prescribe it to me. So I will have to get it and use it without prescription. But lemme first get the spray today. 

    Very informative write up on reducing the injectable dose as well. 

    Love and regards


    Har Har Mahadev

  6. 4 hours ago, spiny said:

    Vipul, do not let him talk you into the pills!!! Those are for Migraines, not Clusters. They take too long to work to be of any help for most.

    HI Spiny, thanks for your reply. Exactly as I thought. What about the nasal? 


  7. Hello, 

    I am in the middle of a very bad cycle. I have never tried sumatriptans (Imitrex) in any form but I intend to now as the pain levels are getting to be more and more unbearable. 

    Unfortunately my doc, insists that I try nasal and oral Imitrex first. I have read on this forum as well as other sites that only a imitrex 6mg injection works to stop the CH attacks. 

    Should I waste my time with an imitrex nasal spray? Does it have any effect? 

    Or should I just go ahead and get the injection without a prescription (possible). 

    Any advise would be appreciated. 

    Love and regards

    Har Har Mahadev



  8. Hello Angels, 

    I understand the difference between Trigeminal Neuralgia and Cluster headache. I also understand that this forum is for CH. However, some people's CH does get diagnosed as TN and hence some of you may have more information regarding this.

    A friend is suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia is is really struggling with the medications (anti convulsants) and the pain. Was wondering if busting works for Trigeminal Neuralgia or if anyone has any knowledge of any alternate treatment/ medicine for this condition.

    My friend has no faith in traditional elopathic medicine.

    Any tips would be helpful for her. 




    Om Namah Shivaye



  9. My last cycle started as the worst so far at 8, 9 and even 10 and lasted for 2 hours. An hour of relief and was back to crazy levels of pain for another 3 hours. With 5 to 6 attacks a day at 8,9,10 I was searching Google for "painless ways to kill yourself"

    Thankfully, I reached this forum, where many angels reside and I now laugh at myself for having given up on life. 

    Love and pain free wishes.



  10. 14 hours ago, xBoss said:

    I was curious because I am a left hander and I hold the phone to my left side and that is where I get the pain. My clusters also started around the time of cell phones back in 1998. I can also feel the EMF coming from cell phones and they make my face and hands buzz if I am on a long call. I know clusters have existed before cell phne usage but I wonder if they are able to help trigger them.

    Hi, I feel the same. In fact, I have stopped using my right side, which is the CH effected side for calls. I usually talk on speaker. I am 100% sure that it triggers the start of an attack for me. 

    Love and pain free wishes.


    Har Har Mahadev

  11. Hi, 

    Spoke to a 65 year old lady today who had been suffering from Episodic CH for 12 years. She says she now has very minor pain every few months and has not had a full on attack for 2 years. 

    What's she did was a juice diet for 3 weeks to detox and then a regular dose of Lion"s mane and Reishi mushrooms.

    She strongly suggests I follow her line of advise.

    Now, is this an unheard of line of alternative treatment or has someone experimented with this here. 



    Har Har Mahadev





  12. 2 hours ago, microdosing said:


    I have read some of the stories on here of people describing having to live with the pain of a cluster headache for more than 15 years. My heart breaks completely for you. I am 29 as of yesterday, male, fairly healthy, have a history of addiction and depression although I'm not actively using and I have had cluster headaches twice now. this time worse than the last. 

    I can remember the first time I felt like something was about to happen, i had pressure in my left sinus, and my eye felt slightly bulged, even though visibly there was no difference between the two. It was more of a perceptual thing, I could feel it. I'm terrible, if I pick something off the ground, instead of squatting down and grabbing it, I tend to bend over like a right angle and snap back up. Blame Elle Woods. 

    Every time I would bend down the left side of my face would just fire up and my eye felt it could burst. I thought I had some sort of strained blood vessel or something? Eventually over the course of 12 hours my nose began to pour clear water/mucus, my left eye was hooded, red and pouring with tears, and it felt like someone was stomping on my left side of my forehead, cheek and chin. 

     My initial thought was that I could die at any second. The waves of pain were so severe that I was left honestly speechless. I felt too afraid to tell someone that I was experiencing this pain, I would go completely quiet, or leave the room instead if the pain came on, sometimes I would just put my head in my hands and hold my breath. Eventually i had to call in sick to work, there was no way I could sit at a reception desk with crushing waves of pain. It was constant, from about 9am - 12 midday. I would be allowed perhaps 3 hours of mild rawness on the scalp then from about 4pm - I passed out from exhaustion in bed. 

    I had smoked tobacco in the past, I had drank alcohol a lot as a kid, I had messed around with sleeping pills, I didn't have the best relationship with sleep - so the more i read, the more i understood that my circadian rhythm, or just my homeostasis in general was out of synch. I came across the definition for Cluster Headaches. When I read the description, I laughed. I think i was relieved initially that at least I wasn't dying. Then I read that barely anything works to cure the pain, and some people have it forever? Constantly?? 

    I booked an appointment with my GP (general practitioner) and they quickly confirmed that i was experiencing my first set of Cluster Headaches. I tried Maxsalt, it didn't work, then I tried Zolmitriptan, that was good, but i could only use it 5 times a day and the relief was short lived. The British medical system doesn't know much about CH they just know the standard treatment and give you medication, they don't suggest any supplemental use of melatonin or 5-htp etc.

    The world, being the weird and wonderful place that is threw me a peace offering - an old friend from school was having a gathering with a few other people, we hadn't seen each other in 10 years so it was a fantastic opportunity to catch up, I thought I'll stay as long as I can handle it. During dinner I announced immediately that I had a recent diagnosis of CH, and the host giggled and said he'd "read an article that said Magic Mushrooms cure these incurable headaches, that sounds like what you've got?" -- sure enough a quick Google search, and I had literal pages of anecdotal reports, forums explaining everything from dosage to how to grow your own. 

    That night I took about 2.5 grams of some dried B+ strain my friend kindly offered around to everyone after the meal.

    My pain was gone within an hour and hadn't returned until yesterday. My birthday. March 14th. 2 years later. 

    This time I was lucky, due to the nature of my current work, I have access to some LSD already soaked and dispersed in some distilled water which is prepared for microdosing. There are many accounts of people busting their headaches with macrodoses of both mushrooms and LSD, but today, I honestly wasn't feeling like I could handle a psychedelic trip.

    I've recently started taking Mirtazapine for depression, I don't know if theres a correlation between me starting an antidepressant to the resurrection of my headache?

    I decided to start of with some cannabis, as i thought if  I'll take the edge off with some Indica, i smoke with Chamomile and not Tobacco. The cannabis made it significantly more tolerable but somehow intensified it slightly, so I knew, this was a Cluster Headache and that I was going to have to act quickly, the medicine I needed was in my fridge. I made the decision to wait until the morning because i had taken my Mirtazapine dose and was worried about any negative interaction. 

    I spent all light night rolling around in bed moaning, wearing a sweatband on my head to apply pressure to my skull and trying to fall asleep naturally, I tried 5mg of Melatonin, that did nothing, I smoked Cannabis again, it spread the pain across my head which was a relief, made the feeling of pain broad and throbbing, rather than narrow and stabbing. Still, this was agony. But it allowed me some sleep. 

    I woke up this morning at around 5am with full left side burning/stabbing pain, running nose, swollen red eye, tense jaw and that familiar yet foreign wrap around pain that extends onto my cheek and chin, my first instinct was to run into a wall. 

    I went instead, quickly to the fridge where I administered 18ug of LSD in distilled water. I waited 45 minutes, the pain was still present, I then administered another 9ug making it a total dose of 27ug. After an hour, my thoughts began to slow down and the shock of the pain subsided, I could feel the 27ug creeping in. I felt like I was on a Tryptamine. 



    I feel like I can function, but there is still some pain. It is very intermittent, and mild compared to if i was not medicated. I still have some nausea and my nose is running as normal during an attack. I can also sense the tension, but the pain is knocked back a lot. 

    Is this possibly a cure? I may up my dose tomorrow. 

    Sending strength and empathy to everyone. x

    Hello, and am so sorry to hear about your condition. From what I've learnt, an lsd busting dose needs to be about half of a regular dose. That would be around 50 to 60 ug. Also you need to do it 3 times 5 days apart. Your brain a few days to be receptive again. 

    RC seeds have worked for me. The D3 regime is worth doing. And ginger works great for shadows. 

    Many swear by high pressure O2.

    Have no idea how your depression meds may interact with busting. 

    You're in the right place and you will get enough advise to help you thru this. I was where u are just 2 months back. You can bust the beast. 

    Pain free wishes to you.


    Har Har Mahadev


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  13. Hello, 

    After my 3rd dose of RC seeds I was still getting very minor attacks and so I had a 4th dose. Situation is the same with 1to 2 very minor attacks during the day. Have had 15 pain free nights on the trot. Am very happy but a little concerned as it has not left me completely.

    Since the last few days, for the first time since the onset of CH,i have a very strange feeling deep inside my right nasal track, the same side of my CH attacks. It actually feels like an injury deep inside. I somehow felt it could be connected with my CH. 

    So looked around on Google and found this https://www.hindawi.com/journals/crinm/2018/5850286/

    Cluster-Like Headache Secondary to Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele, case study

    @CHfather @Brain on fire @spiny @Batch do you suggest ii get a scan to rule this out? 


    Om Namah Shivaye 

  14. On 12/18/2015 at 1:51 AM, Tony Only said:

    Here is an additional file that can be shared to ayurvedic practitioner or doctor, since cluster headache is also a rare condition in Ayurveda and not all are familiar with it. This file contains treatments that can also be carried out at home by patients as self-treatments.



    Hi Tony, I'm from india and so much more exposed to Ayurveda. 

    My brother was born with very serious egzema all over his body. He was weak and i saw him struggle with it all out childhood. My parents tried everything including Ayurveda oils and medicines but nothing seemed to make any difference in his condition. When he was 18 we met with a Vaid who felt his pulse and cured him in 2 weeks. He then regained his health and joined the Indian army.

    I went to a Vaid myself for my CH last month. He felt my pulse and said that he was not able to figure out anything as there were some bad medicines in my system. He advised me to stop all medication, wait a month and go back to him. Only then would he know if he could help me. At the time i was on Prednisolone and Verapamil. Have since stopped.

    I will visit him again and if he is able to help me, i will report back on this page.

    Ayurveda cannot be overlooked for any sort of treatment.

    Om Namah Shivaye

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  15. On 12/8/2019 at 7:55 AM, DragonKiller said:

    OK John019.  I guess I will just shut up.  I have absolutely NOTHING to gain here, but I am putting myself at risk even suggesting that there could be a cure.  I guess that you few people here who have seen this thread are probably the only ones who will ever see it.  Apparently none of you currently on this thread are willing to believe anything that you don't have to pay for or that you can't personally gain from.  So I guess I will go ahead and try to find a doctor or clinic that is willing to do a "clinical trial" with what I can provide to them.  The other possibility is I may write a short book and put it on Amazon for $5 or so and then watch Amazon "pull it out of circulation" when they realize what it is.   

    Thanks for all the help and encouragement you have all shown me (not).  I will be gone for now but will watch what happens for a while.  

    Hello, you've either never had CH or are not being honest. It's impossible that you have a cure and would not help others who are suffering this miserable condition. 

  16. Hello, 

    Have been suffering from CH for over a year. Was prescribed a 15 day, reducing dose Prednisolone course each time my cycle started. Have done 4 courses in the last 10 months. Was also permanently on verapamil. I personally feel that the medicines have made things worse as my current attacks are more severe in intensity and duration.

    Today, i visited a very well known and highly recommended Hakim ( traditional Indian Ayurveda doctor. His normal way of identifying a patient's condition is by feeling your pulse. This is how he diagnosed a diabetic patient who was there before me. He felt my pulse and went blank for a while. Then said that he couldn't figure out anything as there is some very harmful medication in my system coz of which he cannot even figure out my condition. Upon telling him what i was on, I was advised to stop all medication and give a month before seeing him again. Only then would he be able to tell me if he had a cure or not. He apologised as he was not able to help me as of now. 

    Fortunately my prednisolone course ended a couple of days back. Have also stopped verapamil.

    Will wait a month and will see him again.

    Meanwhile, i am expecting RC seeds in a couple of days. Waiting eagerly for them and will try busting as advised in this forum by the experts.

    Will report progress of busting.

    Lots of pain free wishes to all. 


    Om Namah Shivaye





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