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  1. I was just wondering because goole says iszembrace is another name for sumatriptan. Splitting my shots, 2mg of sumatriptan has been working for me.
  2. Vials of what are no longer available?
  3. I just did what you suggested. No air sounds. Im thinking because of the wrong mask either I'm breathing to slow or too fast and it is releasing the 'extra' oxygen its feeding me? does that make sense? I obviously new to the oxygen thing, so I'm asking...
  4. Hello again! OK, I Drank half a NOZ (about as fast and as much as i could, with a straw), not sure if it helped. BUT, I remembered last night I added the 25' extension tube to my mask. About half-way thru the last episode, I removed the extension and I noticed a HUGE difference! Also, I called my insurance urgent care and after answering a few questions about if I knew the dangers of non-breather masks and if I was authorized, they said I can come pick one up this afternoon, free. Which I hope will help until the Cluster kit comes. I will provide updates as to if I get another one in 2 hours, and\or if the extension tube was a problem. (I didn't hear any oxygen leaking from the connections, but I who knows). Oh, I do sometimes hear air coming out of the end of the regulator, is that normal or a regulator problem? Thank you soo much again!
  5. Thank you both Soo much. I will give the energy drink a shot next time and will DEFINITELY split my injections. I'll give you an update on the energy drink after the next attack, probably in the next hour or so. Thanks again! Ps- sorry for hijacking this thread, but the topic fit.
  6. Hi thanks. I was given the wrong mask, taped it up to try to help, it did a bit. I ordered my clustero2 kit yesterday. I have the tank set at 15. I stay on for a few minutes after the pain is gone with a lower setting (8) with normal breathing. Bought some energy drinks but haven't had any caffeine in 6 years so I'm hesitant, but if it will help, I'll down one right now. And yes, 6mg injections. They Work great, but insurance says I used them too fast and won't give me more. ( How is 6 injections a 30 day supply with cluster headaches?). Thanks for the quick reply
  7. Hi, New here. Started getting them 6 weeks ago after an 8 year gap. I (finally) got my oxygen tank delivered yesterday. It's amazing at stopping the pain quickly, but today they are hitting/returning about every 2 hours. I went from 4-5 a day, with sumatriptan injections giving me 4-6 hours of peace. Now, the pain is gone much, MUCH quicker, but they are happening way more often. Is this typical when starting oxygen, am I don't my something wrong or any suggestions to help the relief stay longer? Thank you very much. Mark
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