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  1. One of my friends told me that there were discussed a lot of interesting things. Does anyone know if there will be a similar event in 2021? It will be very interesting to discuss the differences that appeared last year. Also, we could organize some team-building games. In this way, we will know each other better. Last week, I participated in an event organized by https://brightvisionevents.co.uk/conferences/live-conference-streaming/. There we discussed some climate changes. It was very interesting. Also, we played a few games where we developed some skills.
  2. I think I know what you're talking about. My friend often had this. At first, he thought it was because he was overexerting himself during sex every night. The main thing is not to take any pills without consulting a doctor. My friend did it once, and it didn't turn out well. Only a month later, he decided to go to a psychologist because he noticed that he had a nervous tic. It turned out that all that happened to him was fear of intimacy and closeness in relationships. Pay attention to your behavior and don't jump to conclusions.
  3. God, how amazing! This proves one more time how much the diet we have influences our lives... I am really very happy for you and your mother. I wish you will never have to feel again those worst pains. Thanks, God, I had never suffered from a disease. I think that it is because I had, all my life, maintained a healthy diet and lifestyle. I really believe in the fact that we are what we eat. During the last years, I changed a lot of things in my diet. I have extracted some things and I added some like supplements which I find on this site: https://www.nhc.com/brand/onnit.
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