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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, so I’m Nearing the 4th week of my cycle, I’m eposodic. The first 2 weeks I was getting hit every 2-3 hours, they came fast and hard. Started the vitamin d regimen about 4 days into my cycle. A week later after no improvement (minus a few pf daytimes after micro dosing with blotters) I started the 12 day 50,000 IU d3 booster. I’m on day 10 of the booster and things this week seemed to be going amazing. I was sleeping more, wasn’t getting hit at all during the day. I was really convinced it was almost over. I was Getting weird dull pains of my left side (I’m a right sider this cycle) and my sinuses seemed to be a little off, but no cluster pain. I slept in today, till about 11. I bartend Thursday-Saturday nights so don’t fall asleep till about 3 am those nights. All the other nights I’m in bed by 11 and up by 9. And of course, I get hit at 11 this morning and a really bad one at 130 that is just fading away now (245pm). So, did I re awaken the beast by messing with my sleep schedule? I’ve been taking melatonin every night since I started the booster at 10pm, even if I’m at still at work. Also, the beginning of the week was stormy, low pressure (right?) and today is beautiful and sunny (high pressure, right?) does anyone have any experience with this? My sinuses definitely feel swollen and under pressure more when it’s nice out. I live in N.J. btw. Finally.. I’m self diagnosed, they started around when I was 19, I’m 28 now, but I haven’t had insurance since 17 so never got a confirmed diagnosis. I know this sounds like a no brainer, but should I be worried about anything else? I have all the symptoms of CH and all the abortives work (usually, lol). Thanks for all and any input. Pain free days to all!!
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