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Found 2 results

  1. If you are in Southern California next Saturday, join us for a few hours. Very informal. We want to share information and support. Hosted by Scott Ganary and Dave Nickerson. We have a guest speaker Dr. Sandhya Ravikumar, a neurologist at USC. Please confirm if you can make it even if you responded to the save the date so that we can plan accordingly. Please RSVP to Scott or Dave if you can make it. We will have lunch and O2 available. We have about 15 people so far.
  2. If you live in S. California and have never met another clusterhead, this is your chance. This is a very informal meeting, but with a few planned topics. When: Feb. 25, 2017 10AM – 4 PM Where: 740 Sound, 12509 Beatrice Street Los Angeles, Ca. 90066 Hosts: Scott Ganary, Dave Nickerson Please RSVP to christine.clustersla@gmail.com message dlnmerced for more information
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