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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! After dealing with episodic CH for about ten years, I finally have an oxygen hookup and was able to use it successfully to abort an attack two nights ago. Tonight, however, I found that the oxygen worked in aborting my attack, but that I would wake up 2 hours later with a new headache. I had 3 in total last night. I'm usually a one-headache a night guy, so it seems like the oxygen is merely postponing the headache, rather than truly aborting it. Anyone else had this experience? Am I doing the oxygen wrong? For getting rid of headaches, Sumatriptan 100 mg seems to be the only reliable option this summer, but I'm worried about overusing. Also currently taking 320 mg verapamil each day. Thanks for any and all advice!
  2. Need oxygen advice. My apologies if this information is on here many many times as I'm sure it is but I thought I would ask . So I finally got into a new neurologist today and got an occipital nerve block, Prednisone prescription, sumatriptan shots and FINALLY OXYGEN !! My problem is is we have called five places and nobody can supply the high flow oxygen. Dr. script was for 12 to 15 and no one will supply over 10 I'm in Tampa Florida and it was late in the day when I got the script and will continue calling tomorrow but has anybody come across this problem and is there an easy way to remedy it ? I assume this is a regulator issue? Can I just buy the regulator ? Is this just an insurance thing? They all keep saying that "they just can't supply that flow rate". I feel like finally getting into a neurologist and getting the prescription was such an accomplishment and now another roadblock . Any advice is much appreciated !
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