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Found 1 result

  1. Back again after a good wile. Last time I signed in the Vitamin D treatement killed the attacks quickly (huge dosis killing the pain the next day) Now I´m back to bad and the vitamin D doesn´t work at the moment. I also use the Mushrooms every 5 days now (done 3 dosis of 2,5 gram dried mushrooms) Still in pain and I even had to inject myself again with Sumatriptán because I was so tiered of all the attacks. I have around three at night and about 4-6 during the day. Not all heavy of the highest level but some are. I try to stay of the medicine because I know that I had more and heavier attacks when I was talking the injections, I try to cope with O2 and just press the pause button. Sometime I just can´t coop anymore and get myself an injection. Were do you have the pain, Only face or neck aswell I have a question about the pain others have. Mine is on the right side of the face and burns and bangs hard, but a lot af pain also comes from the neck. I just feel something making a lot of pressure over there, am I the only one? Heavy pain in shoulder and upper back and bee stings I also have a lot of pain in the upper back, my shoulders and one side of my neck. I think this is caused by the ongoing attacks and the muscle tension going up. Its like a burning pain in the muscles. Last night I had a friend over, a bee keeper. He let some bees sting my upper back and shoulder. I also had my normal attacks during the night and noticed that the burning feeling, in the muscles that were stung, was gone. Untill now. Is there somebody who tried bee stings? Last point, Magnetism treatement Haven´t done it yet but are there people who have tried this?
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