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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Clusterbusters! Comforted/distraught to be among you. Here is a brief history of my life with clusters so far, leading up to my diagnosis and including the treatment I am currently undergoing. Perhaps it will provide some succor to other suffers, as many of your stories have for me. I would also appreciate any advice regarding my current and future hopes for coping and treatment. I was recently diagnosed with CH, but have been suffering from attacks for at least four years. (For demographic interest, I'm a 42-year-old white male.) The first CH cycle was the worst, both because the
  2. Hi All, I just want to say thank you all for all the information on your forum, I am be so appreciative of all your experiences. My brief history (30yrs of CH) and story is as follow. I live in the most isolated City in the World, Perth (Fremantle) Western Australia. So CH are fairly rare. I like most CH sufferers was diagnosed with Sinus issues, migrane, teeth/jaw problems etc etc. It was not until 7 yrs ago I ended up in emergency for the second time that year. After answering all the normal questions this young Irish Neurologist came and sat on the bed. I remember the day so
  3. Hi, I went out today and got the supplies to start my D3 regimen...I followed the table CHfather posted back in 2011. Found in the clusterbusters file forum (D3 Regimen). I got a few questions: 1. I could only find Vitamin A in 3,000mcg (10,000 IU)...the table says i should be taking 900mcg (3,000 IU)......is this okay if i take the higher dose? (the gel caps are really small and i can't cut them in half) 2. I have not yet had a lab test for my 25(OH)D..can i still start? 3. I did a lot of reading on the d3 dosing. I'm still a little confused if I should be doing the accelerate
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