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Found 1 result

  1. I was DX in July w/ CH. Started approximately 18-24 months ago periodically. The month of August I worked a total of four days. Last day, I was able to work was August 15th. It is difficult for me to write this post & to read other post. Please forgive, I skip words or try to put in simplest terms I can. I feel as my whole identify has become a cluster headache (f*#$). I have Horner's Syndrome due to childhood cancer 40 years ago in my left eye. My CH affect my right eye. I am legally blind in my R. eye. When I have CH & my eye completely swells shut I am blind. That doesn't include the pain. I have tried almost everything. I am not able to tolerate most the meds. I had a nerve block with no relief at all. I started becoming suspicious that CH may not be the primary headache recently. I had a MRI & MRA with & without contrast. Report was normal. I wanted to introduce myself & had some questions. I think I will wait on the questions. After reading some other posts, I have become frustrated. I don't want to have a pity party. I am running out of time to resolve this issue. Thank you, Kris
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