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Found 1 result

  1. manishkpratap


    Headache is always accompanied by blocked nostril, the one on the same side as the hemisphere that is aching. The key is to merely keep that nostril flowing. And that would avert the headache. Here's how to do that. The moment you sense an upcoming headache, lie, or keep your head down on the side opposite to the one that's aching. Close the opposite nostril with your finger. And apply pressure under the opposite armpit with the fist of your other hand. That is, if you experience the aches in your right hemisphere, lie or keep your head down with the left side facing down towards the bed/table, close your left nostril, and apply pressure under your left armpit. These steps will prevent your right nostril from getting blocked. And arrest the headache immediately. The key is to do the steps the very moment you sense it coming. And keep at it for few minutes, not letting the nostril get blocked. Full blown attack will certainly be averted. It won't be as effective once you're already into a full blown attack and your nostril is already completely blocked. Just practice the steps once, get familiar with altering the flow of breath through the nostrils, so that you are ready to do it the next time you sense an upcoming headache. Have been a sufferer since 2014. Tried this in around last 10 episodes, with 100% success. All the best! Edit: I know it sounds too simple to be effective, but just give it a shot! Edit: You don't need to do all the three steps to reverse the flow of breath. Say if you are traveling, merely applying pressure under the opposite armpit will do the trick.