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I am now almost convinced that CH is environmental.

I am like a barometer-I can tell when rain is coming a day early. Like clockwork, which in Ohio @ springtime=suck.

Also, STRESS is bad. When in cycle, I'm very high strung. I wish I wasn't-that I could enjoy the PF days/time that I get, but it's spent wondering when the big hits are gonna come. I am prepared now, but it doesn't make it easier...But I have noticed that when my mood starts to tank, the worms come out to play havoc in my head. Maybe Pink Floyd knew someone with CH?  :D

I guess it's not just spring and fall....but the wet weather really bugs me. But I'm good if it's a cold, dry day. Or even a warm,dry day-just as long as it's DRY.

Anyone else?

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