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tune for you

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Russell BrandÂ’s bizarre cameo appearance in Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds video for AKA... What A Life!

(Incidentally - Russell was Best Man at NoelÂ’s wedding.)


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Santana is so epic :)

Also like the country you linked guys, will sure add to favs :)

and my fav Cheesburger in paradise  ;D Hahah <3

And here is few of my own tunes I recently found and listened to when I still busted during summer etc :)

SBTRKT - Pharaohs

Stan SB - Airwalk

Rameses B - Memoirs (Very psychadelic tune for me personaly)

And a little space trip with Zedd's Spectrum ;-)


And back to land of psychadelia we go ;-)

Our first stop will be

and then we head off to

Hope you enjoy and have a nice day and please keep your own titles coming :) I love to see what other people listen to!

- Matthew

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