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Not trying to trump you guys in age, but I just had to chime in:

Jimi Hendrix, 1968 Atlanta Municipal Auditorium.  I was 19, and it was a date for firsts, including actually hearing a guitar talk (I swear it wasn't the acid). ;D

Later the same year, Janis Joplin West Palm Beach Pop Festival, and the list goes on...

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"I feel the ocean swaying me Â…

washing away all my pains.

See where I was wounded,

Remember the scar ?

Now you canÂ’t see a thing Â…

And I donÂ’t feel no painÂ…"

Jimi Hendrix - Valleys of Neptune


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One kick ass show for a first concert. I was forever brutalized.

LOL, my first big concert was a Ozzy concert. Brutalized is the right word, literally. I`m 155cm high, 45kg. Thought it was fun to stand in the front, instead of being higher up and have a seat(was offered a seat and said no thank you....). Not a great idea, not at all. Luckily a guard cathced his eyes on me and i was carried out and lifted up to a seat place. I actually thought i was going to be squeezed. ;D

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The Who in West Germany1979, yes Ting we know brutilized.LOL ;D

Where are the tune links???? Ozzy Rocks.

:D :D :D This one is nice while dosing,,mesmirizing if you will....'

the bb :)

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First liar don't have a chance-- ::)  but this was my first:


February 4, 1968 Gym, South Oregon College, Ashland, OR Grateful Dead/Quicksilver Messenger Service

The "Quick and The Dead" Northwest tour concluded with a Sunday night show in Ashland, OR at the Gymnasium of South Oregon College, 290 miles South of Portland. South Oregon College (today Southern Oregon University) had been founded in 1926. This was the Dead's only appearance in Southern Oregon, as their increasingly popularity in Oregon insured that they played the larger population centers around Portland the two largest State Universities for the rest of their career.

I assume the Dead and Quicksilver played McNeal Pavilion at 1250 Siskiyou Boulevard, since it was opened in 1957. The Pavilion was renovated in 1990, doubling its capacity to 1,400. Thus the Dead and Quicksilver played a tiny gym with 700 seats--and no doubt some people on the floor. Did they get to dance? No information or tape has ever surfaced about this interesting event, to my knowledge.

my buddy, Jack gave me a small orange pill and Yes, we danced  :D

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Nice to know that Ron and I aren't the only old farts on this board.

old?  heck, i saw ray charles in '63 and dylan in '64.  that's . . . gosh, i forgot what i was going to say . . .  hold on a second, it'll come to me . . . wait, where am i?  where's the bathroom? 

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Ray Charles - That guy battled some demons, but man, oh man. You couldn't come within 100 yards of that guy without some of his soul rubbing off on you.

They just don't make 'em like Ray anymore.

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