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Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique


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Hello Everyone,

My father was a ch sufferer and I was with him during many episodes. I am a supporter for all of you experiencing this. 
In my efforts to begin a healing journey, I am currently becoming certified as a QHHT practitioner (Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique as taught by Dolores Cannon). I would really like those of you struggling with this to find a practitioner to begin exploring these treatments. Many, if not most, health concerns have to do with some sort of trauma to the body. Those with Cluster and Migraine issues have past life traumas that are not addressed that have carried over to this current life. The QHHT method has worked many miracles on many individuals. I recommend to listen to Dolores Cannon’s interviews on YouTube to get an idea and look this process up online. Our superconscious holds incredible power and so many have healed themselves of almost any disease or ailment known. Please message me with questions. 
I will be a practitioner soon. I’m located in Las Vegas and am happy to offer a practice session to any of you in this city while I’m in the process of certification. Or you may search the website for a practitioner in your area. 

During these classes, CLuster sufferers were one of the first I thought of that ID like to help guide towards their healing as I understand the severity of living with this. For those of you that helped my father and me here, I’m eternally grateful. 


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I have a major in Physics and a specialized in theoretical physics and in particular in Quantum Mechanics.

Every time I hear Quantum in alternative healing, spiritual or esoteric contexts where they use the word Quantum, because it sounds so special and deep, it raises big red flags and shows me the lack of knowledge what quantum in quantum mechanics means.

if your dad really was a ch sufferer, I am sorry for him and you, if your story is true, but my red flags have raised too much suspicion here and would like to warn everybody reading Jade3333 post, that this is probably even spam, somebody claiming miracles with their methods, especially a trend using the word Quantum which has nothing to do with Quantum Mechanics. whatever you are doing Jade3333, I think you are doing a very big disservice for us Cluster sufferers and you probably got fed or indoctrinated with this ridiculous, completely unscientific use of the term Quantum and claiming a miracle method or are trying to get people with incurable diseases to exploit their desperation, without any basis. Whether you are doing consciously or not, a call BS on QHHT method, just merely using fancy scientific words that mean nothing in therapies. If you believe what you are doing is real, I would advise you to learn what Quantum Mechanics really is, it takes years of mathematics and practice and unrelentless studying to understand the formalism, but using the word as a marketing strategy that I have seen so often to fool people, I am afraid you have been fooled too or are a con woman. I will report this immediately, because clusters is not to mess around with and even makes me angry, because you never felt what it's like,

I call spam!    

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While I don't have any personal experience with the practice Jade333 is discussing.  Jade333 has been around a while and contributed positively to the board.  I always like to temper my understanding of alternative treatments with the idea some years ago that Psilocybin and LSD could help us.  Those treatments were treated very harshly by many in the public years ago (and in many places are still banned to discuss).  It's been a long time coming, but Psilocybin, LSD and other treatments have been proven without a doubt to help us.  While I don't personally think some experimental treatments are helpful.  As long as they aren't harmful, I'm perfectly ok with letting there be open and positive discussion around them.  :)  

Love all,


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Agreed with @ThatHurtsMyHead. I don't think of this message board as one of those that bans discussion of any non harmful experimental treatments.

For some additional history, suggestions of possible benefit from Vitamin D were also harshly received back in the day, prior to the advent of the D3 regimen (and also dating back to before this message board was launched).


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so you are telling me there is no difference between actual chemical substances such as lsd a hormone and "quantum" healing, whatever that is..uff

from wiki:


Quantum healing is a pseudoscientific mixture of ideas which purportedly draws from quantum mechanics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology. Advocates of quantum healing assert that quantum phenomena govern health and wellbeing. There are different versions, which allude to various quantum ideas including wave particle duality and virtual particles, and more generally to "energy" and to vibrations.


Physicist and science communicator Brian Cox argues that misuse of the word "quantum", such as its use in the phrase quantum healing, has a negative effect on society as it undermines genuine science and discourages people from engaging with conventional medicine. He states that "for some scientists, the unfortunate distortion and misappropriation of scientific ideas that often accompanies their integration into popular culture is an unacceptable price to pay."



i was under the impression this subforum was about research&science

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@ThatHurtsMyHead @Bejeeber

I understand your point, and there is a big difference what Batch did with his trial and error and his basic knowledge abou Bio-chemistry and Physiology, although scientifically reasoning sometimes questionable, but his efforts invaluable for the cluster community and citizen science, and desperately needs a double blinded Studie, as they are doing now doing e.g. with LSD by Prof. Liechti in University Basel for Pharmacology and Toxicology. However, there is a huge difference what Batch did and what jade333 is doing now and people just fall for pseudo scientific alternative healing and methods, as @snafu is correctly pointing out and even quoted. For me, it's even worse than homeopathy, there is no evidence that it is better than placebo, but there are soooo many pseudoscientific alternative healing methods that are specifically designed to take advantage of hopelessly ill people, because a lot are so desperate, they would try anything and pay, which results in a big business niche and profit on the cost of the ill. And when they use fancy scientific words like "Quantum" , because it is muddled with spiritual and esoteric thinking, I raise the big RED FLAGS, and it makes me especially angry when it comes to Cluster Headaches and other TACs, because I damn know and my life and many others are on the line. I have had the privilege to actually learn and work in Physics Quantum Mechanics and even Biomedical Science in University in Switzerland. I hate boasting my credentials, but in this case I have to, I am giving a stern warning, even if Jade333 means well. 

If Religion or other similar notions helps you to cope, than that's good for you, but as @snafu said, this forum ought to be about science, research and personal experiences with drugs and methods, that helped me a lot too, but in the end, clusterbusters forum is about enlightenment about the countless positive reports on busting and how to execute this difficult method by giving each other advice and helping each other out, and not promoting fake healing methods and using the word Quantum for marketing purposes. If you want to waste your money and time to try to get rid of your attacks with "Quantum whatever", than go ahead, try it out by all means! But I have said what I have to say on this topic and gave my Warnings. And thank you @snafu for the quotes.

I wish you all the best and in particular a PF , with the beast giving you peace and not torturing you with it's torture chamber!

Good luck, fellow Cluster Heads!

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I'm siding with THMH and Jeebs on this one.  Jade333 has made valuable contributions for a few years, so it's not like some spammer who just showed up. The challenge in one post above -- >>if your dad really was a ch sufferer, I am sorry for him and you, if your story is true, but my red flags have raised too much suspicion here<< -- seems likely to be unwarranted, since Jade333 wrote about her father here as long as three years ago.

And whatever the differences might be (or might be perceived to be) between Batch's development of the D3 regimen and this "quantum healing," the fact is that there was a time at this site when people who even mentioned D3 were attacked, and there was even a strongly worded admonition to stick only to busting in responding to people.  I got some very nasty PMs back in those days for suggesting that people might give the D3 regimen a try.  (And of course, the same, but perhaps moreso, regarding the reception that busting got at other sites (and still gets at some Facebook sites).)   On the other hand, the heavily invested-in and "scientifically" researched CGRPs seem, at least from what has been posted here at this site, to be not just a disappointment, but maybe even downright contraindicated.  

I have no problem with the core concepts as described by Jade333 -- that "many ... health concerns have to do with some sort of trauma to the body"; and I'm willing to consider that "those with Cluster and Migraine issues have past life traumas that are not addressed that have carried over to this current life."  Of course, not everyone will accept that.  Plenty of effective healing modalities based on at least one of those precepts work fine.  Maybe it's placebo, maybe it's "real."   Keep in mind that one of the top CH researchers, Dr. Goadsby, once asserted that the effects of busting were probably just placebo effects. (I don't know what Goadsby's position is today.)  People who don't accept the premises of quantum healing, or who don't like the use of the word "quantum," don't have to do it.   


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Edited version:

This is not about takings sides, it's about the facts, and I never post, only DMs, as it's too personal for me and I am in very bad shape (chronic CH + HC + other basically terminal) and I have theoretically not much longer to live.

And I urge and warn you all not to engage in group thinking! This Forum and clusterbusters.org is strictly not about that!

Sorry CH father, I didn't know about jades activity, but still hold my position that "quantum" is a misused word from real science by pseudo scientific fake healers. Why? I will explain:

 Again, I hate to give credentials, but as a physicist, specialized in quantum mechanics, scientific philosophy and methods, and even Biomedical sciences and engineering, it makes me not only cringe but even very, very angry, because it is a form of manipulation of using fancy scientific words, that cannot possibly have to do with medical healing methods whatsoever. There may be quantum effects in biology such as in photosynthesis, but there is no empirical evidence in humans and specifically not in neurobiology has come to light and claiming of having some kind of method of "quantum healing" method is absolutely rediculous with the fundamental scientific knowledge we currently have and people using it are either ignorant or sadistic fake healers taking advantage of desperately ill and uneducated humans, willing to pay for anything. 

And the concept that past or even parents and grandparents traumas due to epigenetics is not new, Dr. Gabor Mate is one of the leading doctors in that, with decades of experience in palliative care, arguing very coherently and with absolute common sense how traumas effect our psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinological systems and causing the sympathetic system (fight or flight) in overdrive, causing many diseases and syndroms, were our body is reacting towards our deep traumas and signaling something is not right in the form of certain diseases and syndroms, and he also advocates the use of psychedelic treatment as a healing tool that could help very much if used correctly, but he specifically says it also takes much more than that. And he specifically criticizes western medicine culture in many aspects that, also that one of the most used medications is prednisone, corticosteroids, as an inflammatory, but is also a natural stress hormon secreted by the kidney glands(adrenal glands) and does not make any therapeutic sense when our sympathetic system is in overdrive. I even ask Bob about his hypothesis and if he noticed a pattern with past traumas in all the clusterheads he met and he said he cannot advocate the trauma theory on TACs, because there is no scientific evidence or any kind of research, and I agree, because Cluster headache may be a neurological disorder based on other factors and just a part of human pathologies that exists, (cancer for example), and exact CH and TACs cause still completely unknown, but verified it comes from the CNS (central nervous system),(fMRI activity in hypothalamus in Cluster attacks, volunteers are true heroes staying completely still during an attack in the name of research). Evolution and the human body is not perfect, there are many "illogical" evolutionary developments in biology and anatomy (e.g. the vagus nerve) that cause all kind of inherently evolutionary diseases. We have lots of progressive observations the last two decades, but the whole cluster circuit is extremely complex i will not get into, because that's not the point of my post.

I have stated very clearly the difference what Batch did and why "Quantum hypnosis" is not a thing, it's made up, why not just call and leave it at hypnosis, even if jade means well and contributed in the past, it doesn't give her any scientific or empirical or even citizen scienceship merit, because its completely and utterly unscientific, esoteric and pseudoscientific.

And regarding what mainstream western medical science is doing and cgrp, is based on biomedical knowledge, its just they lied about efficacy and side effects and long term effects of CGRP antagonist in a very perverse manner. CGRP is an important signaling peptide, that has very important evolutionary functions since the cambrian age (538.8 million years ago lasting more than 50 million years) and is basically in every anatomical system and physiology of animals and the human body, in particular cardiovascular vasodilation and digestive physiology and many other systems.

Goadsby may be very knowledgeable and influential about TACs, but he goes with the western conventional medical system, status quo and culture and for me is nothing more than a shill. Firstly if he would admit any indication that psychedelics are very efficient against CH he will not only ruin his reputation in the medical community, but also wouldn't cash in on the monoclonal cgrp Antagonist he invented. Goadsby is like a guru for neurologist and the statis quo, and I regard him as a greedy sociopath. And as Bob states in his lecture "psychedelics or suicide", they want you to have a heap of expensive medications and even more medications against side effects and psychological comorbidities instead of a couple of grams cheap MM, because that's where the big cash lies and one Emgality shot costs now more than 800 dollar where I come from (maybe 5-600$ before the inflation, all depends heavily on nations health systems), but Goadsby saw an opportunity and hit the jackpot and everyone trying this medication, me included, is basically a lab rat, because they don't know the long term effects and as you said not so successful against clusters and even migraines, it doesn't even cross the blood brain barrier and too many report serious side effects and are being ignored, me included. It's all about the business and profit and even two imitrex costs over 100 dollars where I come from for two shots and it is a disgrace to humanity, that they lie and don't inform that it causes for many Clusterheads crushing rebound attacks and may even lead to chronification and the pharma business loves the vicious cycle Clusterheads get trapped in, because it generates more profit, that is the mainstream and staus quo. Psylobsibin or LSD is in no way profitable for them, on the contrary, a multi-billion business would collapse, that's why they would never admit or even mentioned a peep about the psychedelic research studies in the recently published 'european medical guidelines for Cluster Headaches 2023', Goadsby name included in the title. And nothing really changed there.

So I know the difference and i did not know jades activity in the past, but she is doing now advertisment of a pseudoscientific healing method, even if she means well, i will speak up, because misinformation does not belong in this forum. And her past activity has no merit in this case and doesn't mean it will work because she was very active due to her father, i have given enough reasonable arguments to be highly sceptical of her QHHT advocacy. And i oppose that vehemently, because it took me many years and extremely hard work to learn what quantum Mechanical Science does and actually means, and what is the difference between real science and pseudo science and know what the current status is in quantum biology, and it makes no single Biomedical scientific sense whatsoever and there is even no indication that neurons use quantum effects. Roger Penrose hypothesis that microtubules in cells may use some quantum effects and may be the seat of our "consciousness", but there is no evidence whatsoever and he admits its pure speculation and neurobiologist also see no evidence.

The problem with quantum effects is quantum decoherence. Once the bigger the system is and more particles interact with each other (Atoms or Molecules) that follow the laws of QM, the more the quantum effects get lost due to the interactions and the wave equation becomes NON existent. And the scientific consensus is that neurons and other cells work with purely by action potentials (electric signals) and biochemical signalling and genetics, and no quantum effects in human physiologically have been scientifically discovered yet. 

Again, If anyone wants to do waste their money and time on QHHT or any "quantum healing" hocus pocus, that could maybe only help due to the placebo effect, which is an important biological self healing phenomena by itself (but in my experience and many other CH sufferers, placebo don't work shit against CH), then by all means do so and if thousands and thousands report it actually terminated their cycles and stopped from new cycles appearing, WITHOUT busting or any other medical treatment (confounding factors) than i will even try it myself. Until then, my skepticism and critique holds and you might just as well place crystals on your head!

I will argue no more. If you have any questions, DM me, i am happy to answer if i can, but this not about taking sides, but about facts, and my most valuable currency, time, is very limited, and have wasted too much time already writing this, believe me, it was not easy editing and correcting spelling mistakes for me.

Best wishes and well being to all human beings!

Edited by Perkypats
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