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Spasticity from shrooms?

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A quick question if I may.  I've dosed now four times with 1 gram the first time and 1 1/2 grams the last three times.  The first two times worked well, and I got 3 months PF (I'm chronic) after the 2nd dose.  The first dose everything was very mild, a little brighter colors/sound.  The second dose a week later got "interesting".

My question has to do with the 3rd and 4th dosings.  Each time I looked like someone with a severe case of Cerebral Palsy.  (I'm not denigrating those with CP!)  My muscles were quite spastic, and while I COULD walk my legs kept buckling.  The biggest issue was with my head, neck, and arms and hands.  The muscles kept knotting up, and i could not keep them still or controlled.  I didn't do anything violent with them, but continually flailed about and flexed the muscles to the point of pain.  I dosed this morning at 9:30 and the spasms continued until after 1:30 with lighter spasms happening all afternoon.  In reading through this site fairly thoroughly, although infrequently, and doing a good bit of research on the use of shrooms over the last 5+ years I don't remember seeing anything about this.  I would certainly appreciate input.



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I concur. The mushrooms make everything seem to spasm. Even my maps on the wall spasm so I guess it's just part of the program.

I'm going on 3 months virtually pain free. My longest stretch ever. CCH for seven years before the big mushroom discovery. :)

Gotta love it!


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some people say what we use will not effect them (1-2g) some say what we use gets us past that line of reality

heres a whole collection of peoples experiences and what happened to them on various types of psilocybin mushrooms at various sized doses.


it really depends on the user, the amount taken, how it was consumed, their setting, what happened that day and other underlying problems issues or quirks. even the subconcious mind can screw things up for you. the simplest thing like turning a light on or off, or taking a leak, turning off the tv, going outside . . . all these thing influence what you feel and experience. whether its mental, physical, eyes open, eyes closed.

not to mention whats in your system, how much water how much food. maybe u consumed a bit more vitamin c. some say vitamin c inhances or "bring things on quicker" other tryptamines and thing like MAOIs can really mess things up

every mushroom is different not one is the same, in size potency mass. consider them each individuals (unless your cloning for specific traits) you get a couple "good ones" and a couple "bad ones" and you have a war going on. good and bad could be big and small potent and unpotent

everytime you use these substances its a crap shoot on how you will react. there are so many factors and variables that most people dont have the same experience twice. you can NOT die from mushrooms alone. you would have to eat your body weight in wet fruit bodies or some crazy ratio like that which makes it impossible. you may certainly feel like u are dieing, but its really a loss of self identity and individuality.


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Thanks for the input.  I only hit a level 1 to level 2 as far as visuals, etc. are concerned.  It was the muscular irregularities that I was questioning.  I had never heard of that type of response and wanted to know if that was something common or if I am reacting differently to shrooms much as I react differently to many pharma's.

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