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I`m back


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I`m back from my holiday, the best holiday ever. I been eating cakes(everyday without getting hit) and wonderful food for two weeks now. We had a great time. We was flying trough thunder and lightning on the way home for a long time, and i got hit. Totally ok with that, bad weather is bad when being on the ground so.

I see there`s allot of threads to read up on, and i will do so but it might take some time. I just got a telephone and my mother has been operated for cancer when we was gone. She`s in the hospital still and she`s gonna go through radio and chemotherapy. I have one sister and one brother. We`re not very close, but as we share the same background or what you can call it, we stay together when it is necessary. My family situation has been very different from the "usual" family, and still is. It is difficult. This situation will be challenging in many ways. I`m not really sure how i will handle this, it will bring allot of "old wounds " and feelings to the surface for us the three of us. We rarely meet. Everything happens for a reason, time will show.

I got a bit scared during the flight, i had to take a Imitrex shot and for some reason i got afraid of my heart and blood vessels in my head, thinking about pressure being on a plain and what nasty shit Imitrex is and the effect you feel on your body when taking it doesn`t say "good for you", it made me think back. In despair i used to go around thinking if someone told me "if you cut your right arm off, your pain will go away". I`m right handed, so i thought that "ok, i can always learn to be left handed". As i always loved to run and do all sorts of sports, i always thought being stuck in a wheel chair would be the worst thing that could happen, and that i would loose all will to continue it that happened. But being stuck in a well working body, cause of a horrible pain, in the end i thought it couldn`t be far away from the same feeling. Day in day out, pure pain that traps you inside your house and make you a shadow behind the curtains. Living against your wish, you just don`t seem to die from it for some reason. I think we all have been afraid of stroke during a high kip, i have at least. But after awhile, i hoped for it to happen. I hoped for brain tumor so i could do something about it or at least i would die in the end.

So i found i didn`t have to be afraid, i found strength gained from CH. And i don`t have to be afraid now. I can use my experience in this situation in my family as well. Past is past right now, the situation needs us all to grow.

I send all my best thoughts and wishes to Michael, don`t give up, one day this will be a chapter to look back into when you need to pass on strength to others or yourself. You will grow.

Scott, i hope your stomach is better by now, and that you will find out how to treat your headache.

Will read up on the board soon, right now i need to take care of different things, and i came home at 5 this morning.

PFW to everyone from me

Tingeling :)

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Tingling. I have missed you. You are the sweetest of them all.

I too have prayed for a tumor and have KNOWN I was stroking. I too have had past fears of being in a wheelchair, but then thought to myself...at least they aren't screaming in pain.

My siblings and I aren't close either. I love them and they love me. We  have parents in common,,,that's about  it. Piss on em... Feed em fish heads and rice.

Best wishes to your Mom.

You and I will meet in Chicago soon. I am the tall skinny Texan...I'll be looking for the babe from Norway ;)


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So sorry about your mom, Ting. I lost both my parents recently; my mom 5 years ago and my pop 2. We were very close. I was an only child. I'm still having a pretty rough time of it. I hope your mother's illness serves to bring you and your siblings closer together and that your mom recovers.

I hope we can go to Chicago, Danny Boy, if for no other reason than to be able to protect our wonderful Tingeling from the likes of you. Besides, you be mine. I'll be so proud walking around Chicago with you hanging on my inverted pant's pocket.

Love you both,


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We`re not close to eachother at all in our family. My sister and brother and i have been each others supporters as we had a difficult time in our home. I`m the youngest, so i was in a way left to myself for some years, untill i moved to a youth center when i was 15. We do not meet our parents often. So this gonna be a challenge in many ways.

I have been thinking of you all when i was away. When something funny or whatever happens, i think "oh, i have to tell the folks on the board", and can`t wait to see what happens with you folks. I guess it`s cause you folks understand how it feels to feel as the luckiest person ever when your able to eat cake and ice cream. I loooove cakes and ice cream. Being able to be in such heat without getting hit is just wonderful, we had up to 38 degrees. For a Norwegian, that`s HOT!! Humidity was very high as well. Running has been a huge huge trigger for me, but i have been running  and had step aerobic everyday without problems, and doing that in such heat, well, it`s just amazing. Eh.... Also i bought 2.9 kg box with chocolates.... Taste gooood ;D This have been a two week rehab to a normal life. Nice.

I have never met a norwayan

In Turkey, they have met allot of Norwegians. But not a Norwegian from Korea ;D Very odd feeling when people come just to look at you, like everywhere you go :-? Same thing happened in Bulgaria actually. More people have seen one, as they said it, in Instanbul. There`s a war museum there and asians come there to visit, as Turky and Korea have war history together. Turkey helped South Korea in the Korea war, joining United Nations Forces.

So i gotta look for a skinny Texan hitting on a Mexican in Chicago? Something tells me it won`t be too hard to find the two of you ;D

Thank you for being supportive Mystina, Dan and Ron.

Big hug :)

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Hi Tingeling,

Its not working for my daughter Booj,  she is still having three a day.  She has not had a pain free day for 12 months.  I don't know what to do anymore, I think we are both becoming suicdal.  By the way my name is Narelle.  Cn anybody tell me how long to keep trying. 

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Hi Booj or Mom,

I think you should either try higher doses of shrooms or LSD.  I am chronic myself and I only obtain relief when I get mild to moderate hallucinations.  Low doses were not effective for me, but I got huge relief from the higher doses.

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Hi Narelle,

Very pretty name. Don't ever even consider giving up. You will beat this thing and your daughter will get PF. No question about it. It may take a lot of experimentation on your part and a bit of time but you'll get there. Lots of things to try. Just a matter of finding the right combination. Learn as much as you can. The ClusterBuster Files are an awesome resource; please use them. You'll both be better for it and you'll be able to make better decisions in regard to your daughter Booj's treatment. Anytime you have specific questions, please ask us. We're anxious to help you. Send PM's to anyone in particular that you would like to "talk" to.


p.s. - Sorry for hijacking your thread, Tingeling.

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Hi Ting,

I'm back also. I didn't get to eat cake, but the guys caught lots of fish and the weather was great. We hit several detours on the way home. The Missouri (major river in the US) is flooding. We had to take some back roads as the interstate is closed in places and it will be worse as the week goes on. It will be bad all summer and very sad for many people.

It's funny how we feel when separated from the CB board. I too, would think about something and realize that I could not post. Strange how we wonder about people that we have never met, but seem to know so well.

Sorry to hear about your family situation. Take care and try to know your limits.

It got warm up north and the pollen was bad, but no hits for me. Looks like I might skip the spring cycle again. Had a couple threats but cold water on my head and Red Bull chased them away. (head under faucet----drank Red Bull)

I forgot to pack my CDs. Had tapes up there and traveled memory lane with "Marley Man", Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and of course the Grateful Dead. and others.

Happy you are back. Neither one of us could have had these holidays without the magic of CB.                 Leslie  8-)

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Hi Narelle

How large has the doses been? Did she detox etc. You should listen to Ron, don`t ever give up. Some do better right away, some like myself need more time. Tell us and we will help, that`s why we`re here.

Ron, no problem, as long as you feed me with cake ;)

That`sounds great Leslie!! Maybe your accident was after CH, you never know. I had cake for you as well.

Neither one of us could have had these holidays without the magic of CB

True, so true. Happy your back as well :)

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