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Hi Suze and welcome! Sorry that you need us, but most happy that you found us!

How high does your regulator go? How long do you stay on it for a hit on average? 

I have literally conked out with my head on the tank a few times, but I don't feel 'sick' from using it. Shaky comes with the territory I think. Many parts of CH can cause you  to feel shaky I think, from lack of sleep, to lousy eating patterns, etc. Hyper-ventilating will cause the shakes for many too.

How long do you stay on your O2? How high does your regulator go? As in can you kill a hit in less than 10 minutes?

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@suze hi there. 

that happened to me when I first started using it. Not sick though. Just shaky and dizzy. For me it was because I was so worried I wasn’t using it right, and wasting oxygen. It was an emotional experience. I don’t mean for that to sound dramatic but it was :( from having the tank in my house, to learning how to breathe with it. You’re not alone 

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