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1 hour ago, Frilling said:

My husband has Episodic Clusters...his cycle starts on  or about June 1st .  How soon should he start on the Vitamin D regimen? 

Yesterday and stay on it when out of cycle as well. None of the regimen will hurt him and will only up his amune system. 

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Hey Frilling,

As BoscoPico indicated, your husband needs to start this treatment protocol now.

The supplements you'll need are illustrated in the photo below of what I take and suggest to fellow CHers.


Anti-Inflammatory Regimen Supplements:


A.  Nutrasal Micro D3 Nano Emulsion – 0.5 mL/day used when loading

B.   Bio-Tech D3-50 – 1 or 2 capsules a week as Maintenance dose


C.  Kirkland Adult 50+ Mature Multi - 1 capsule a day

D.  Nature Made Extra Strength 400 mg Magnesium softgel - 1 capsule a day

E.   Nature Made Omega-3 Fish Oil – 2 capsules a day

F.   Methyl Folate + Vitamin B Complex - 1 capsule a day

G.  LifeExtension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex - 1 capsule a day

Take care and please keep us posted,

V/R, Batch

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@xxx has anyone reported side effects to the regimen? I was able to reduce/ get rid of the majority of my clusters but am now getting the following symptoms: random lightheadedness, neck/shoulder stiffness, weakness in one eye, dizziness, and racing heart/ vertigo. Possible adverse reaction to one of the vitamins? 

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I would not think so, but anything is possible with only a little information. 

I would suggest that you see your doctor with those symptoms. How long have you been on the D3? 

I personally cannot take the B Complex, but that is due to an issue with oral B vitamins for me. 

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I agree with Spiny.  The symptoms you listed are not seen among people on this treatment protocol.  I suspect you've another pathology present.  Seeing your doctor is a great idea.

Take care,

V/R, Batch, a.k.a. XXX

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