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Stump BeefKnob

Cluster Buster Conference roll call!!

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Good News/Bad News . . . .

Bad News:  We will have to cut out early on Sunday . . .

Good News:  Gotta leave because Andrew aka Superman got the lead in his colleges fall play, and he has to be back for the first rehearsal!  CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT?

Sorry  . . . . had to brag a little  :D

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I know, we were so sorry to miss you before we left, but I understand that you weren't feeling up to it.  (Saw the update on the blog :()

I asked him about the schisandra, and he said it gave him an overall pleasant feeling.  I will have to look for more here.

All three of us felt so fortunate getting to meet you and all the others.  Such a memorable weekend. 

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