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Cluster Buster Conference roll call!!

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd say a quick hello and introduce myself.

Am heading over from London with my girlfriend Louise. Been a ch sufferer for 11 years but they've got increasingly difficult to control over the last year. Feeling pretty upbeat about things now but am looking to try to find a new way of dealing with them and getting a bit more freedom back...

Looking forward to meeting you all later this week.


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crappity smack! My flight got cancelled.. I will have to fly to Amsterdam to Atlanta then Chicago. OMG will ch handle this? Extra landing and take off is just not good! Damn! 

Aughhh now THAT both sux and Bloze.  >:( :(

You could get lucky though and not have any attacks - fingers crossed that that's the case and you arrive in one piece and all hopped up on energy drinks.  8-)

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I'm in! out.  :'(

It's killin' me reading this topic, seeing who I'll be missing from this group of friends I relate to the most on this planet (various circumstances, including a sudden ill timed burst of work now after a stretch of worklessness, etc. will keep me home bound this weekend).

But enuff whinin'! I'll just resolve to participate next year and will be enjoying following Ting's blog. Y'all have the greatest weekend ever!  :)

And let the rocking of the Fuster Cluckers begin.  :D


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I'm down (I'm really down).  That's the only Beatles lyric I can think of at the moment to counterpose to your "in!/out," which I'm sure is inspired by the "dontcha know that you can count me out/in" line from "Revolution."  Or maybe not, but that doesn't mean I'm not down, 'cause I am.  Really down.  Next year's too long.



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