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Clusterbuster Jam band?

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We've talked about this for years and I think this year we're going to do it.

It seems that clusters affect a large percentage of guitar players. (We should do a study lol)

We had a drummer or two and a few harmonica players but we have a lot of guitarists....

We've talked about getting some together and playing...

This year we WILL have a band there so there will be plenty of equipment available. We will also have a professional keyboardist. Maybe we'll cut a record...they still do that right?? LOL


If you're coming and want to bring your acoustic guitar....

Lets talk about it on this thread.

Maybe if there are enough, you can start exchanging some tabs and work out something online beforehand.

Not a problem if it doesn't happen, but I thought I'd throw it out there...It doesnt have to be anything elaborate or complicated either. Just a couple guys sitting around a (fake) campfire, playing a little, is cool too.

If we have any vocalists out there maybe we can perform a few verses of...Comfortably Numb ;-)


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Whoa! The official debut of the Fustercluckers!  ;D

At the OUCH conference with sooooo many guitarists stinking up the joint I was offering my theory to Giuseppi (guitar) and Brew (bass) that it's the nickel from the strings seeping into our systems that has caused our CH.  :D

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