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Thots from a Buster

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I know I made some controversial comments  but I did not expect the deluge of private messages and emails that arrive.   It never ceases to amaze me how one line can be taken out of context from a post. 

Let me be clear about one thing, in the 2 years I've been an administrator on this board I have done little moderating and I don't think I've even modified or deleted a post from anyone other than the spammers and scammers (and some of those were just too darn funny!)

So to bring this back to where it was meant to go, I'll ask it again:

That's my thots.I invite yours.

This board will carry on where you, the posters, want it to go.

Where do YOU want it to go??

It will go where YOU want it to go. 

End of conversation, stop the PM's, stop the disruption stuff and the bullshit and lets get back to helping the people that come here looking for help.

Oh, wait.  We've been doing that all along.   :-)

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That's right I remember Kaboom was wearing pale blue socks when one of the hotel staffers tried to touch her slippers. Big mistake.
Everybody's always coveting my shoes! I certainly won't be falling for the "come sit down for a complimentary shoe shine" line anymore.

(psstt...Funguy, I think your a great mod and to show my gratitude, I will let you try on my Dorothy dress at the conference. Sorry, not the shoes, though.)

You crack me up, Jeebs! 

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Reflecting...on how thankful I am for this website and message board.  As I've mentioned before, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't try psychedelics sooner. I can honestly say that I wish I had known 20 years ago that "getting some A.S.S." would help CH.  ;)


c h e

i  r e

d o d

   o s



Richardo - I'm wearing my red shoes and strolling the yellow brick road right behind you.  Wait for meeeee!

How did you get on the computer Ma? You told me you were listening to music....  this is a clear violation of our agreement! You know you're not supposed to get on the computer while you're dosing for this specific reason!  I have no choice but to ground you.  Trust me, this hurts me more than it hurts you...

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I keep posting stuff that has nothing to do with the usual cluster busting drugs, just drugs that no one else seems to talk about...And lately I keep wondering---Is this the place for this?  And I keep coming back with a resounding yes.  My take on this site has been that it's the place to talk about all the stuff nobody on our sister site wants to.  I am NOT trying to make out an US and THEM kinda thing, both sites really seem to have their place.  But when I post about crazy ideas that nobody (or almost nobody) is considering on CH.com, I'm usually met with silence (seems to me to be the equivalent of "What the hell is that dude smoking?" kinda thing.)  Here, I feel like we've all accepted the truth of our situation--which is that, sometimes, Really crazy ideas actually work.-- especially when battling the beast.  I get feedback on my crazy ideas without much Nancy Regan drug war style hysteria and  I want to thank you all for it and for letting me be part of the community.  It's a hell of a support system we've got here :)


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