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Foods that trigger CH's


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Yeah, out of the two references they site, one doesn't work, the other is just about "avoiding headaches", they mention migraine a couple times but not clusters.  Still it's an interesting topic to explore, I know there are people on the board who have migraines too (I may be one of them)  The whole "you should avoid tyramine containing foods " deal has always made me cringe.  I have never once heard anyone asking, "WHY is tyramine affecting you this way"  tyramine gets broken down by the MAO enzymes A & B.  The way I see it, if you are reacting to tyramine your MAO enzymes are not working correctly, and it sounds like a DIGESTIVE disorder to me.  Just my 2 cents...

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1 hour ago, spiny said:

Caffeine does not trigger CH. From my personal experience and the people here. It is a very effective aid in moderating or aborting a hit for CHers'.

Tell us about your road down the CH lane Talia. I have seen your posts are all dealing with suggestions on what to do for CH, but you do not state that you have it, have a father who has it, or have any experience with it personally. 

It is the norm, here, to tell the group a bit about your background with CH. People come here for help and community. I will now go back and read your posts again in case I missed something. 

Hi Spiny, so I’ve never been formally diagnosed but this is all that I’ve come up with. My doctor said men typically have CH. I’m a woman, so I guess to her it can’t be. I’ve been experiencing CH for about 15 years. The first time it started it was winter and I think that has been the trend. However, last winter it didn’t come. I moved to Ohio from California last month and here it is again. I haven’t started on my husband’s insurance yet so I just have OTC drugs. I’ve tried migraine meds in the past but nothing has really “worked”. I used to have the O2 but what I’ve learned from this group is that I probably didn’t turn it up high enough, so that really didn’t help. Oh yea, I used to take tramadol for the pain. That was the best help but apparently people were getting addicted so the dr stopped prescribing that. The cycle just started so it’s only been two full blown attacks and they come in the daytime and night, this cycle. I’ve learned again from this group, about the melatonin at night, so hopefully that’ll kick in. Basically,  when they come, I take BC powder and ride it out. Last night I took BC and Excedrin migraine. They last about an hour. Last week there were shadowsb, this week full blown. That’s the jist if it. Thank you guys for your help!!

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Thankfully the medicos are learning that CH affects women about as often as men. Many women were labeled as having migraines when actually they had CH. And then they are prescribed a Triptan in pill form, which is pretty useless for CH. Takes too long to kick in. 

Your move and the return of CH has reported by many. I had the same thing happen 16 - 17 years ago. I had been PF for 10 years! It is disgusting when it happens.

With no O2 at the moment and you being in Ohio, you could truck it outside in the cold and do your deep breathing and forced exhale there. It should provide some relief. Sometimes you can do the breathing with just air and benefit too. Cold does seem to work better. I would suggest you hit the caffeine first! Some put their feet in water as hot as you can stand it. These methods work best if begun early!

Another idea is to sleep in a recliner, just keep your head above your heart. It is good for night time hits. As an added bennie, you will wake sooner if you get a nocturnal hit. :)

Another thing: If you can't get O2, like many of use, you can use a welding set up. Welding tank of O2 and your regulator and mask. The non-rebreather Clustermask is the BEST! Welding O2 is safe to use. 

I hope that some of this helps. I definitely would begin the D3 Regimen ASAP! It is easy, no doctor needed, and all good for you stuff.   

All the best! We are here to help you get to a better place. 

I changed my original post to you and deleted most of it after I did a bit of research. It was another poster that I saw, not your posts! Apologies.

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Posted (edited)

....unlikely that cooking oil in and of itself would be a trigger....however, old/used/stale/high temp abused cooking oils have high levels of free fatty acids which, among other things, are bitter, darken the oil, cause greasy mouthfeel and are just all around nasty. it wouldn't surprise that among these there could be triggers due to vasoactivity. minimize re use of fry oil, old oil, or restaurant foods deep fried in never changed oil (you will know by taste and mouthfeel). high volume food service uses oil fast enough to minimize excessive free fatty acids, as well as being able to afford frequent oil changes. low volume stores use til gone and frequently do not clean out food particles from fryer, which just worsens the problem. 

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3 hours ago, lovemyfamalways@gmail.com said:

Does anyone know if cooking oil is a trigger? I remember years ago there used to be a food list and I can’t seem to find it. Thanks everyone! Doing research for husband. 

Smelling burning cooking oil can be a major trigger.

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