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Cluster free but just checking in!


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Hello friends, 

I am still on the mend, I hope I don’t jynx myself. I have had a relatively good year headache wise (knock on wood). I’ve been feeling depressed lately. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean a cycle is brewing. Summer time happens to be my least favorite time of the year. I live in Miami and it’s always 100 degrees lol. 

anywho. I just wanted to check in with you all. I hope everyone is hanging in there 


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Glad to hear of the cluster free part - what a big deal that is!!

Wondering if you're considering some additional busting session(s) in hopes of alleviating the depression, since it's known to potentially help with that too? :)

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Hi! So happy to hear this for you - not about the depression :( hope it passes. Could you give me some ideas about what’s worked for you? Listening to my partner having an episode now during a high cycle :( need some advice from people who have worked this beast out 

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Hi @Danii am so so sorry I’m just seeing this now. How is your partner? Shrooms are the only thing that have worked for me in the past following the regimen recommended by the folks on this site. Have you all given those a try? Very strict instructions on those though. Various medication interferences etc. 

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