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Discouraged but hopeful

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Hello fellow CH'ers,

It's been a while since my last post, but have been following the site and studying the FAQ's trying to find my way as to the best course of action to our affliction.

  I was finally able to locate some mushrooms earlier this summer and waited until the onset of my fall cycle, I was about a week into it when I was provided some time without the kids around to take my 1st dose(about 1.5grams) forgot how much fun they were it had been 30 some years,Weeeee.

  That night during sleep I was awoken by a mild-bad hit I aborted with O2 quickly. I then went 3 nights and days totally pain free and the "Fuzzy" feeling was completely gone. I was ecstatic, unfortunately Wednesday that week I felt them coming back and was hit with 3-4 a night for the next 3 nights, and a couple at work.

  I remember reading to wait 5 days between dosing, but waited till the following Saturday, again without the kids around, same size dose of 1.5 or a little more, did you know when you watch the Broncos on shrooms, their uniforms are more blue and orange than when your not tripping?? Wow who knew. This time I was pain free that night and no fuzzy feeling up until the following Thursday.

Thursday night came and I was on the O2 b-4 I went to bed and was hit with 3 that night and at least a couple every night since...bummer.

  Am I doing this correctly, should I have started prior to the cycle, and if I need more how the heck am I going to get any?(Rhetorical question).  Any thoughts anyone?

I loved the PF days, it was like a breathe of fresh air, I miss em.

  Dave O.

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most people here say that generally three treatments (at least) are required to do the full magic.  so it seems you're doing it right, especially since you've seen good results.

in terms of starting before your cycle (for future reference), i think most people recommend "maintenance dosing" every three months or so, and being sure to bust at the first sign that a new cycle is starting.

when you ask, >>if I need more how the heck am I going to get any?<<, you raise a question that also came up for me in moto252o's current thread, to which i don't know the answer.  i am thinking that two doses of one modality (shrooms, let's say) followed by subsequent doses of another type (seeds, let's say), will probably work almost as well as three or more doses all of the same thing.  even though their psychoactive properties are different, it's my understanding that they all work in essentially the same way.  so i'm saying that if i were you and i didn't have more psilo, i'd definitely start on seeds and expect good results.  but i'm also asking whether others who know more than i do might want to correct me about that.

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You're right CHfather..

After a couple doses of mushrooms there is no reason not to switch to seeds if you're out of mushrooms.

The pain free time after the dosing is a good sign. I would suggest continued dosing and if the attacks aren't getting worse on days 4,5, 6......hold off and see if the cycle will fade away completely.

Maintenance dosing is recommended between cycles. Depending on how many cycles per year you have and

when during the year. Then, if if know the usual time your cycle is going to start, take a dose about a month before that. Even closer if you're very "regular"

If you feel ANY signs of the next cycle starting.....burning, tingling, droopy eye.....take a booster dose immediately.


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Thanks, Bob & CH father,

I just found your posts while I was on the Special Donations link I hadn't seen before. Bob I think I'll take your advise and follow some of those links from there and purchase some seeds asap. I saw a couple members had commented on both value and satisfaction from acquiring these online, anyone else had better experiences with one vendor vs. another, and what about the potency, does it do all it claims??Is one of their strains or varieties better?

Dave O

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Dave, people report different experiences with seed vendors, and there's no consistent theme. I'd say 95-plus  percent of the time, what you get from any vendor will be fine.  It seems that www.iamshaman.com is often recommended here; I kinda like www.psychoactiveherbs.com, but again for no good reason except that they worked.

Unless for some reason you think you'd prefer HBWR (Hawaiian baby woodrose), I recommend RC (rivea corymbosa) for ease of preparation, dose management, and minimization of psychedelic potency.  In the US, it's legal to purchase and possess seeds, just not to prepare/consume them.  You'll want at least 100, I would think.

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  Thanks CHfather,

Ordered the seeds this morning, hoping someone there is working on Labor day,maybe not hope their enjoying a day off also.

  i will follow up with results...hopefully good.

And by the way CHF, after reading most the posts I see your are advising and providing links and guidance and best wishes to everyone, thanks for all you do!!! The world could use more caring helpful people like you

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