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Happy Labor Day


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happy labor day everybody! so i was invite to four different barbques. showed up at one and everybody was having a good ole time. lots of good food and beer and my favorite rum. As soon as I walked in a friend of mine had drink had a Captain and coke all ready for me. Ahh the temptation. Had to say no and got a weird look in return. Not many people know about the beast because I hate explaining it to them. Anyway as soon as I walked out to the backyard another friend of mine opened a beer and handed it to me, again I had to decline and another weird look. I made my way over to the bar and poured some straight coke in a cup, turned to sy hi to someone and could hear the voice of another friend saying "let me pour some rum in that coke for you." Man I was so tempted but only one box of imitrex left and that's for work only. I had to decline again. Then the depression started to kick in so I decided it was time to leave and blow off the other parties. What a dragggggggggg. I used to be such an easy going, low key and low maintenance guy. I was in for everything.  Now I hate myself and have become this manic depressive. Its just not for me. Thanks to you all for being here and letting me bend your ear. See you in Chicago. ;)

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