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Will not be making it.  A work conflict I cannot refuse... basically 5 days at Pebble Beach paid.

Was looking forward to seeing you all.

I already paid the registration fee.  Feel free to reallocate that to someone deserving, or just tag is as a donation to CB. 

Regrets.  Mayhaps some of you can make it to STL this January for the OUCH thingy... make it a combined CB/OUCH event.  Just wishing.

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Where / What is STL?  I went to the OUCH website and couldn't find anything on future gatherings.


Every January there is an extended OUCH Meet & Greet in St Louis, right off the airport in a decent but very low cost hotel.  We basically take over half the bar for the duration, and the bartenders are more than happy to have such business. 

There are a few planned trips... going this place or that... along with dinner.  There are also a shitload of casinos within a 30 minute drive if that is your thing. 

The primary reason it is held there is because MO is somewhat central and easy to get into, and more so that smoking indoors is still allowed in MO.  (I do not smoke, but many of the attendees do).

I believe Racer is going to work to get it kicked off this year.

It goes an entire weekend, with some arriving Thursday and most leaving Sunday. 

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Professor gave a good overview of the annual Midwest Meet and Greet. It started out in Davenport, IA and moved to St. Louis a few years ago.

Held the weekend of the MLK holiday in January, the unofficial winter meet draws people from all over the country to St. Louis for no real reason other than to meet new CH friends and see old ones. People generally do what ever they desire, there is no agenda. I hope to have some info for the 2012 up shortly on CH.com and with CB permission I will post it here as well.

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