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New YouTube Channel all about Headaches/Migraines and Clusters


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A few weeks ago I started a new YouTube channel (and TikTok) all about Headaches, Migraines and Cluster Headaches.

YouTube Channel: Another Headache

TikTok: @Another.Headache

For the last 16 years, I have averaged 400 headaches, migraines and clusters a year. I'm a chronic clusterhead, and this forum quite literally saved my life.

I had 257 cluster attacks in 2011 and was at the end of my rope. I joined Cluster Busters, made friends and figured out how to reduce them to a very manageable level. I'm technically diagnosed with Chronic Daily Headaches, Chronic Migraines and Chronic Cluster Headaches. 

I figured that as I had SO MUCH experience dealing with various types of headaches, and there didn't seem to be any other channel out there churning out videos, that maybe I should start one. 

Here is my latest video about my story and an introduction to the subject of cluster headaches

I would love it if you'd check out the videos, subscribe, share, like, yada, yada. But also, I'd love your feedback and ideas on subjects to cover. I have a list of 20-30 videos and topics I want to cover in the coming weeks and months, and am going to do several deep dives specifically on Cluster Headaches and Migraines. All constructive feedback is welcome. 

I also have a Patreon page, but haven't started promoting it too much yet, will do in the coming weeks. I wanted to get some good content out there before I started asking for support. 

Anyway, let me know what you think.

xx Mox

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