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Hi fellas. Just making the newbie intro post.

39 y/o male living on the Front Range, been living with it for 25 years or so, most of which was not really treated. Mid-cycle now, about five weeks in. Getting off relatively easy this time and I'm not complaining.

Been lurking for a long time. For many years there were *things* I couldn't realistically try because I'd lose my job, and at the moment we're a single income family with two kids so that's a showstopper. With Colorado changing its laws I'm watching with more interest.

Thanks for doing what you do.

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That is a haul. I usually go crazy by week 10 if they do not stop due to the loss of sleep. Funny you say get off easy because that is exactly how I describe the first half of the cycle but then it goes big. Bust when you can because it is amazing help, I am getting close to three years PF!

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