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Thank you folks


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My tongue has gone curly after trying to speak your language too long. Think all of you should learn how to speak Norwegian instead. That make sense to me. Also i`m badly damaged. I came home and made a pizza. Insanity. Or perhaps cause i do like pizza, and after looking at pizza everyday i got tempted. It`s just that you folks got this cheese thing... It is nasty, you should know that. I found cheese on everything, or actually it`s more cheese that got traces of other stuff.

My travel home was completely pf!! So, i get pf the day i get home. Well well. Or maybe cause i had the Schisandra i made everyone else to do while i was there. I did take them the last time i was flying.

On my way home i kept thinking of a thing. We`re 1401 member in here, experienced and still experiencing an pretty extreme condition. And we tend to be a bit extreme and "doers" as persons maybe too. A big part of those live in USA. My question is

How do we get those people to come and meet the ones they feel familiar with?

I didn`t sleep at all on my way home in fear of getting hit, might fall of the coach and hurt myself soon. Better go and relax a bit.

Oh, have you ever given someone "the evil cluster eye" (this is how Potters cat look like)? Like if someone talks to you during a high kip and your standing and huffing O2 and you think something and used your evil cluster eye instead.

I would like to thank every person attending on that conference for being you and let me get to know you. Thank you :) What a wonderful time we had and let`s get together again!! Your in my heart forever :)

Like Cindy says "awesome applesauce"!!  ;D

I wish you all the best in this world.

Big hug


Ps. Anyone who wasn`t forced to either do Schisandra, eat Norwegian chocolate or caramels? Or getting the question "may i blog this"?  ;)

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I'm glad I got to meet you too Ting.

It Was good to see old friends and meet new ones.

I think that was my last plane trip. I got hit on the airplane on the way home...one of my biggest fears. I did have an imitrex so I hit it and survived. It was bad.

I now have a better understanding of a panic attack. Whew, I was never soooo glad to land.

All in all it was still worth the trip.

We are planning to drive to Vegas next year. Phil and Jen may go with us. If there are any more texans (Denny) that want to go we may rent a van or something and share expenses and make it a road trip to remember.

Till next year....


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It was lovely to meet you Ting...sorry we didn't get to chat more.

LeeAnn told me about the plane trip home and my heart just broke for ya, bud.  Major suck for sure.  That's one of Phil's worst nightmares too that's why we drive so much.

Yup...let's do the road trip next year.  It will be EPIC!!!

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Oh no...now I have to put a quarter in the jar! 

Must not say, "Awesomesauce", must not say "Awesomesauce"!!!  Rinse and repeat!!!

Just remember you were in a town known for it's pizza!  Deep Dish Pizza at that...with gobs and gobs of oooey goooey melted cheese!  LOL  Next year when you come to Vegas it'll be $2.99 steak & eggs available 24/7!!!

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I like or liked melted cheese, but moderation folks, moderation!!  ;D

Crackers and blue cheese is just wonderful, just such a huge trigger.

Norwgian chocalate is wonderful too!! But that`s a huge trigger too. Glad you liked it!!!  :)

You guys kinda just dig in on everything don`t ya? Lucky.

So happy to meet you all!! It was my best time ever :)

Can i say "awesome applesauce"?

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