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My caffeinated brain wants to share some thoughts....Such as-- we are awesome (In the true sense of the word), we are powerful and we have the capacity to create major change in the world. (yes I am a long haired hippy)  This link here spurred these thoughts on...


Gamers figured out in 3 weeks what scientists had not been able to do in 10 years. 

This is just a small tip that points to the real truth, That regular people like you and me can be geniuses, regular people can come up with amazing thoughts and ideas that other so-called specialists, scientists and professionals have missed.  I remember when I first started posting to CH.com a guy posted to me...

"I applaud your quest for knowledge in the pathophysiology of the cluster headache and the oxygen therapy abort mechanism, but you're asking questions that the brightest minds in neurology who study the cluster headache syndrome on a near daily basis have been grappling with for years.  If the answers to your questions were at hand, these experts would likely be a lot closer to understanding the real cause or our disorder."


This whole site is here because of US!  Not some scientist who thought shrooms would be cool to try for a headache, Not a researcher, a regular cluster sufferer who had no real options for help and listened to himself and the cosmos to realize the healing potential of the mushroom.  To me, it would seem silly for it to end there, and I doubt it will.  I wouldn't even be surprised to find out that Cluster Headache HAS been cured, we just need to find the wacked out studies that mainstream science isn't paying attention to.  (Hell, if anybody ever feels like translating Italian, while I was shrooming I found an Italian website claiming they've "cured" cluster headache)

  My endpoint is---Never let the powers of our society convince you that you are as powerless as they want you to be.  Never be convinced that we can not figure this out.  Never give up fighting this beast...And most importantly....Listen to them shrooms!  Offer them up to the cosmos and ask for help, love and information...Nothing in my life has helped more, as long as I remember "they may not give me what I want, but they sure as hell seem to give me what I need..."

Enjoy the Day!


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ricardo. truer words have not been spoken. just because one has a degree does not signify a know-it-all.

God has given us all universal intelligence.

It is totally up to us if we want to see it or not.

We as sufferers found what we need with no thanks to scientists. My wife and I both suffer. Her with lupus and me with CH. We have lost faith in the medical community and pharmaceutical companies as we believe their only concern is money and not the science. If I cut myself and need stitches I will seek a doctor but with the real important shit I will look into myself for what I need. PFDAN ;)

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Very true Ricardo and superbly written.

Another wonderful advocate of this message is our own CHfather.  I was lucky enough to acquire his book (donated for the auction as a fundraiser for our cause)  at the Clusterbuster conference last weekend in Chicago.  The book is titled; "SEE NEW NOW, New lenses for leadership and life".

In the chapter titled "The Louis Armstrong Effect" he tells the reader of a Seattle based company called Intellectual Ventures who's sole purpose is to bring business folks together who would normally not meet.  Fresh eyes!  New perspectives that were crucial to innovation.  In fact he shares a study of the top 50 game-changing innovations over a century revealed 80% were sparked by someone whose primary expertise was outside the field in which the innovation breakthrough took place (pg. 49)

We have the prepared minds of being unlimited in our quest to end this pain within each and every one of us.  This is exciting and life changing. 

I'm confident in the synergistic momentum CH sufferers have initiated.  Generations to come will marvel at the history when they read of the true suffering once endured by patients of our generation and generations before us. 

I salute you all!!!

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