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My Permanent cure

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I found a real cure .

the gerson therapy.

I only half follow the therapy and I haven't had a headache of any kind since January.

its easy no milk or red meat products on a daily basis.

plenty of fruits and some veggies the less you cheat the better you feel.

its simple cheap and no side effects.

Or you could do like I used to do eat every meat in sight no veggies and wake up in the middle of the night with the worst pain you have ever had and wonder if you want to live like this anymore and then give you self a $100 shot of imitrex in the leg and wonder how long before you puke,and then as the pain slowly subsides you pass out because you are exhausted.only the have your wife come downstairs a half hour later to wake you so you can go to work as a zombie. After almost 20 something years of clusters,I will gladly drink soy milk eat fruits and veggies skip the red meat and sleep like a baby.

I love life again and have recently got rid of all my old meds and take my one a day type vitamins just in case.

Be safe talk to your doctor before dropping any meds I did.

Oh ya my energy is way better than before    BONUS!

I hope this works for everyone so we could make this a thing of the past.   

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I've actually heard of something like this. I know someone who used it to treat her terminal cancer. She never suggested it for CH or anything else though. She was a homeopath. She used the same method when the cancer came back to get rid of it again.

Glad it worked for you.


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my headaches never stopped it was a minimum of 5 ch a week I would also get migraines probably 1every other week but those where a walk in the park compared to ch.

Hey lieutenant2 did you do any juicing with organic fruits and veggies a lot of the veggies out there are so loaded with chemicals that you might as well have a steak and a nice glass milk and then top it off with a six pack of bud and a cigarette.

Man I just made myself hungry typing this, good luck everyone. I know your pain and wish I could take it away.

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Ya know, if someone came to me and said that the chemicals and growth hormones they are using in cattle were causing our hypothalamus' to grow and cause clusters, I might take note and look into it, but.....even then,

I know whey (pun intended) too many vegetarians and Vegans that are basically very healthy people that suffer from cluster headaches. People that had clusters long before tainted meat.

The first recorded case of clusters was in the 1700s, long before Super Cows. Long before veggies covered in fertilizers and chemicals.

I'm always happy to hear that some one's clusters have stopped. I hope yours are gone forever.


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people use the Gerson therapy to get rid of terminal cancer why wouldn't it work for ch ,all it does is strengthen you own immunity to fix the body the way nature intended.

in the 1700's nutrition was not the best to say the least Sir psiloscribe. I don't claim tainted meat is the issue, meat in general tainted or not and tainted veggies or fruits .

And to our friend Brew anyone who has ever had clusters

especially the kind that didn't go away anymore wouldn't

wish clusters on their worst enemies, you know what I mean

I didn't just say cure I said "my permanent cure" .

MY mistake: I thought I would come here and help some people for free none the less. I'm not looking to sell you some magic pills seeds or mushrooms that you have buy on a regular basis, that's no better than taking 400 mg of topomax a day which also works but at what cost (shakes numbness in your feet, short term memory loss, slurred speech) not a big deal right. 

My clusters are gone I don't need to be wasting my time explaining my self to all the doubters and haters ,do your own research on what I told you and if you think I am full of it then move on to the next magic treatment that will work for a while and stop like it did for me. My way is more work  and sacrifice no magic.

      good night folks I hope the beast doesn't wake you  tonight  I really do. I really do care or I wouldn't be here.

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I never needed to do the coffee enemas thank God.  "Butt" if it was going work and nothing had so far, why not . at least one person out of 277 read about the Gerson therapy. To bad the only thing we focused on was the unnecessary enema.

the idea is to detoxify which you can do with supplements now a days. Butt at least we had a little laugh which can be

rare amongst ch victims.

good night folks.

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racer !-nc  asking the American cancer society if the Gerson therapy is effective, might be like asking a pickpocket if he stole your wallet, Why do you think they mention the enemas in the first line and then again and again. And then they mention that it could be dangerous to eat to much fruits and vegetables where is the reserch for that, there is none. The reason there hasn't been much research is that it is illegal to treat someone with alternative medicine in the U.S. wait till the AMA finds out about our mushrooms and seeds they will try to take it from us, because they are not making any money when we use alternatives.

Funny how the ama doesn't mention that chemo kills people as well as cancer. or that Ibuprophen kills 14000 a year but they will warn you about the dangers of to many vitamins but there is only 2 cases of unproven vitamin deaths in 20 years. 

Just because it say AMA dosen't mean it is true.

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Make no mistake, I'm glad you are PF.

wait till the AMA finds out about our mushrooms and seeds they will try to take it from us, because they are not making any money when we use alternatives.

I'd wager that the infamous "they" already know.  ::)

Just because it say AMA doesn't mean it is true.

Absolutely correct......and the flip side is that just because someone posts it on a message board...that doesn't make it true either.

Granted, mainstream meds may fail many of us and we find hope, promise and relief in the alternatives. That however, doesn't make me find any hope in a dozen glasses of liquefied veggies and washing my bowels out with Maxwell House.

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