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A hoping-against-hope question: Has anyone here ever busted successfully while on cymbalta?  It's a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.  TommyD lists in among the blockers, and I suppose there's no reason to think it isn't--like I say, just hoping against hope here.

Follow-up questions:

1. Is it likely to be actively harmful in some way to bust while taking this medication: increasing HAs or doing some other kind of bad thing?

2. If not, might taking high amounts of seeds somehow overcome or partially overcome the blocking effect of cymbalta?

Do I sound desperate?

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I don't know about Cymbalta, but I've busted just fine while on Lexapro. (Stopping it for me would be incredibly dangerous.) It's a plain ol' SSRI.

It might be part of why I'm not completely pain free, but the reason I haven't stopped it is with my chemical imbalance... It's too risky. Way too risky.

*hugs* She back in cycle? Hopefully the seeds will still work anyways. I've saw improvement even on the SSRI. I do watch for signs of Serotonin Syndrome after dosing though.


ETA: This would be a GOOD question to ask Dr.Halpern, or any of the doctors working on BOL.

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To be taken with a grain of salt: I've never heard evidence that the mix would be harmful. Why not give it a shot? With the 1/2-life of SSRI's being so long, she probably wouldn't miss a single dose. So she misses her morning pill, doses that evening and then takes her Cymbalta again the following morning. Her blood level probably wouldn't have dropped enough for her to notice but perhaps enough to improve her chances of busting successfully.


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Here is my general answer for this question regarding SSRI's

If you were prescribed them for your headaches (clusters, migraines etc) which people often are, and they are not doing any good, which they normally don't, then talk to your doc about a safe way to detox from them and stop them before dosing.

If you have been prescribed them for another condition, then I would stay on them and do as Ron suggested and skip the morning dose and bust.

I would not up the dose. Especially not on the first dose while on it. Wait to see the results. For some people there may be some blocking but I wouldn't rule out busting or think that it won't work.

These meds are a bit tricky and its possible, although not likely, that there could be an enhancing effect or an increase in the length of the dose effects. This is usually associated with the older tricyclics but as we know, everyone is different. So, don't raise the dose to compensate for unknown effects.


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a little late to the thread here but i ram across this

page that has a huge amount of info on anti-depresents and

the common busting meds. (also all other substances as well)


i myself was wondering about cymbalta. can you perhaps

give anymore feedback on your use of busting meds with it?

thank you in advance


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that's an interesting board you linked to, steve.  thank you.

i'm sorry to say that i can't tell you anything about cymbalta and busting, for a variety of complicated reasons.  it's not that i don't want to; it's just that i don't really know anything.


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ya. thats were im at.  i was taking the cymbalta with

imitrex with no issue. but stopped before i started busting. 

actually stopped right before that due to running out and not

being able to refill it.  oh well.

ill keep digging and post anymore links i find here.

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