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Head colds and CH.


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I have noticed, on more than one cycle, that if I catch a cold, I get relief from my cycle. This is only temporary, as I still get hits through early winter, and then once the weather starts to warm in early spring. Surely, I can't be the only one. My cycle started 2 weeks ago-2 weeks after a minor head cold and bronchitis. I caught the cold back from my wife on Monday, and have had no hits since. Not even a minor shadow. Sinus HA, yes, but no CH.

I did take a treximet last Thursday, but I had shadows most of last weekend.

As for cold medicine, I have taken Advil cold and sinus, claritin, and generic mucinex.

But I started thinking, and I can not remember a time that I had a cold AND CH at the same time-and I don't always take these meds.  :-?

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i have always found simillar when sick. but with just a

cold i can get hit harder. if not in a cycle it will increase from

minor to major hits daily. if in cycle it seems to cause the

cluster to remain at a high kip for extended periods.

like all day sometimes.    :P

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