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Cluster Calendar

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I see members birthdays. How bout a calendar for ECH cycles. My assumption is, like me , sufferers are all over this forum when they are in pain..looking, praying for the latest. Then their cycle breaks (the lucky ones) and they are gone....they go back...drinking again, D3 falls off....etc etc. 

Im assuming some of these regimens should be followed all the time? Or maybe we should be ramping up 1 month, 2 months prior to our cycle? 

I started getting 'scared' in september knowing my cycle starts in oct, so I came to this forum..actually provided an email and "logged in". It was then that I watched Bob's video presentation and mistakingly thought ..cool shrooms twice a year and Im good.  So I took shrooms ..and my cycle didnt start in october...then it did! 

This has been a completely different cycle tho..and I will describe it in the "busting stories thread". 

My point is, is there away our profiles can be linked to a calendar that track our cycles?  As cool as it is to have friends wishing me a happy birthday (next week  lol)  Id rather get a note in august..Have you got your mushrooms organized...  should restart D3....  Time to dose!!...buy a really nice bottle of single malt..it will be your last for awhile!!!

Im guessing its important to have a regimen...when to dose..etc etc... is a month in advance enough, 2 months..all the time..what is the schedule? The calendar could trigger, rather than my birthday (which is in the middle of my cycle) my DOSEDAY...lol.... I would get notes from all my peeps, Have a happy DOSEDAY!! just a thought!!

I realize this may only help the Epi's  ...and I love you all equally...the Chronics have my absolute RESPECT..they are the rocks on here...and I know I could join them at anytime.

Love you all,


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Gord, I can only speak to the D3, where the recommendation is to just stay on it, since (unless you accept jimmy7's perspective) it's not harmful and is probably good for you.  Some people reduce the amounts (to, e.g., 5000IU of D3 and the rest proportionately), others stick with the whole thing.  The level at which possible D3 toxicity sets in is about 40,000IU/day, over several months.

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is there away our profiles can be linked to a calendar that track our cycles?

The birthday calendar is built into the YaBB board programing, we can only have it or not, can't modify it.

There were a couple of people/groups working on electronic CH calendars though I've not heard anything about that in a long time?

Tracking you CH, knowing what works and when is IMO critical to managing your CH

We are left with what we've always done, pencil and paper notes. 

CH diaries in the files sections, keep lots of notes and charts. 

Know your CH.

Life in the stone age.   :-)


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Interesting idea. Although personally I'd op for an iPhone or iPad app.

I know there are a few iPhone migraine/headache logs out there, none of which I've found very useful. I have a very detailed spreadsheet that I use to track my sleep patterns, headaches, migraines, clusters, all the meds I take and the alcohol I drink. I'm going to expand it to include Busting dates.

The advantage of the spreadsheet is it is expandable, and customisable. The disadvantage I suppose, is it doesn't ping me like the calendar you are thinking of, or an iPhone app would.

Also, I'm a chronic sufferer. I've never had clusters so spread out that I need reminding. I think my longest gap has been 6 weeks - 2 months. So, have never put thought into such a calendar. But a good idea, and I can see where it would be useful.

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