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Something is working

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I`m not sure what it is if it`s a coincidence or what, but after i started Astaxanthin i do very well. Haven`t had anything that could build up to a hit over a month. The time of year we`re in should be awful. It may sound weird that i think a antioxidant should help, but if you read about it, what it does in your body it is logic it may be beneficial to us, like Russian Root together with Schisandra. Or just Russian Root. I don`t know, but i know it does something for me at the moment at least. It seems i developed some kind of Asthma/allergic reaction from the seeds and shrooms, so i look for alternatives so i can stretch the time in between the alternatives. Time will show how this will work out :)

Also i got myself a hobby i like that much it feels like it`s what i always have been looking for. Life is in general and overall good  :)

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart.

- Hellen Keller

Wishing evryone the best in the world!!

Hug from me


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Your cycle is busted!!?! Wonderful to hear so  :)

I get difficulties breathing, like i swell up inside my throat and it get worse and worse every bust, in the end it didn`t go away to the next bust so i need to do it as seldom as possible.

CrossFit is my hobby. i just LOVE it!! :)

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hi ting, its been a while. glad to see your finding something that works. cross training is awesome, keep it up. had to bust again this weekend but it worked again. no more nighttime hits, can sleep through the night.....so far......

hope your making plans to come to vegas next year. thanks agao=in for everything. you are an angel. ;)

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glad to hear that an antioxidant is working for you, i have been thinking along the same lines and have started to take mms (  miracle mineral solution ) its track record is unbelievable and has helped lots of so called incurable illnesses its well worth checking out, believe, has anyone else tried it?

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That sounds interesting!  I am a firm believer that our diets, specifically, the procssed food and GMO's that are in the food supply, are directly related to our pain levels and frequency.  I don't believe it is the cause, because these things (CH) have been around far longer than our food has been bastardized.

Anyhow, I really hope this helps you.  Please keep us posted.

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tucker i wanted to be the first to steal your word Bastardized,class, couldnt have described it any better! ;D

on a serious note though im purely taking mms cause of other illnesses as well and the sh.. loads of meds the doctors have thrown at me in recent years, im already feeling slightly better, my clusters have stopped but could have done anyway and people have commented that i look well! just got that horrible verapamil to taper off and i will be drug free, the first time in 11 years plus :D

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just like to add that should the clusters return i will be seeking out an iv ketamine infusion as it seems to be doing the job on those who have received it, trouble is, when i showed my doctor some printed evidence she turned round and said " but thats in the usa and you know what they are like?" how damn insulting is that? it works you daft b..ch! does anyone on here live in uk like me and have had any luck with your own doctor regarding this treatment? would be interested in any replies. :)

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Hi Bushman,

I know you only mention MMS as you feel you've had good results with it but I would strongly suggest that any improvement you've had with your headaches have been to do with the irregular nature of our condition and just a coincidental return to the mean.

miraclemineralsupplement has been thoroughly debunked by various sources and their lucrative affiliate scheme encourages many unscrupulous sites to promote the drug knowing that they'll receive 50% of any sale. 50% profit to an affiliate also gives an indication of the massive mark up they place on the drug. There's only some scant anecdotal evidence for efficiency (and you can find the same online for just about any disproven treatment) and certainly no evidence at all to match up to jim Humble (the founder of MMS) grand claims of curing over 100,000 people of maleria etc.

Their claims that there's a 'big pharma' conspiracy against them (an idea often put forward by advocates of different types of pseudoscience) is simply not true and in this instance large parts of the Alternative Medicine community have been as equally damning of the treatment. In various countries they've been made to withdraw all of the drug's advertised claims.

This treatment can make you quite sick and it WON'T help with the headaches.

Here are a couple of very interesting links to read more about it


http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/sep/15/miracle-mineral-solutions-mms-bleach (15 year old Crones sufferer challenges MMS)

I'd say as a general rule of thumb, real cynicism has to be applied to any product which make unsubstantiated claims full stop, but particularly to those which claim to be able to help numerous unrelated types of illness/diseases. No drugs have as many medical applications as MMS claims. It claims to cure virtually anything including cancer, malaria and AIDS which is pretty horrific exploitation.

Even the name is a red flag. No serious medical treatment will have the word 'miracle' in it. It's pure horrible, cynical, marketing nonsense.

I know your intentions were good but as vulnerable group of people looking for any solution to our condition we're open to being exploited so it's v important we maintain skepticism about any potential treatments.

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Edit - Just saw your other posts that you're taking it for other medical conditions. Is great that you're feeling better from those other conditions  and truly hope you continue to feel healthy! If you look at the general research on MMS and the bad science it's predicated upon though it seems much more probable that that any recent improvements have been due to other factors.

I'm also based in the UK, by the way. They've changed the NHS guidelines now so you can request to be treated by any doctor. If you unhappy with your doctor I'd def recommend that you ask to be referred to Dr Matharu's clinic at the National Hospital for Neurology (London). Think there's a waiting list of a few months but his clinic's excellent and once you're referred there he runs a weekly headache clinic that you can normally get an appointment to with just a couple of days notice. There's no one based in the UK (now that Goadsby's left) with a better knowledge of the various CH treatments and they carry out Ocipital Nerve Block injections which you can have every three months and I've found very very helpful for totally stopping episodes.

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