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Will next year be my last?

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Thanks for the tips on O2 bason.

My GP is very supportive, and I'm not sure why we've never discussed it before actually. I've always known it as an option, but just never thought it would help ME. Always thought it was good for 'real cluster sufferers' who have long attacks. Mine are so short I suppose I don't consider them 'as bad as you guys have it, so not real clusters', but I should stop that.

228 attacks so far this year. Long or short, that's pretty damn real. And I'm ready to try anything and everything.

I also thought, and think, my neuro is pretty good, but perhaps not the top of cluster experts. He's Dr. Lennox at Addenbrooke's Hosp in Cambridge. He is also a migraine sufferer, which has warmed me to him, because he has tried a lot of the things I've tried, and he can also relate to a lot of the pain I suffer. But, if things don't improve, and busting and O2 etc don't make a huge difference, or mine get longer, then yes, I'll definitely press my GP to go to London.

It also isn't beyond my means to go privately, if need be.

I think the main thing is that you guys, on this site, have given me a lot of hope. Hope I didn't have a few weeks ago.

Will next year be my last? Will it be my last for really bad string of Chronic Clusters? (hopefully yes) But, will it be my last on planet Earth, I don't think so. Not now.

And I have people like you, and AO, and Ting, and CHFather, and Jeff, and Tommy, and everyone on this board to thank for that. Right now, ClusterBusters.com is my drug of choice. With zero side effects. The best anti-depressant on the market!

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