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D3 Clinical Trial

Dallas Denny

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On 12/18/2023 at 7:32 PM, Dallas Denny said:

I am one of the people who highly believe the vitamin D theory actually holds more water than any other theory, so I will get in touch and see if they can take me on. The only problem is that my Cluster headaches are so wild and they last 4 months in a 2 year period. Am currently in the cycle but will be done with it hopefully and face it again in 2025. I get them every winter of an odd year. I was so curious to know why I got the 2-year remission, and so far, only the vitamin D theory has provided me with a plausible explanation. Vitamin D3 and Calcium are involved in bone remodeling and it's regulation under the guidance of the PTH. With deficiencies, its very very possible for the side effects to be felt in 2 to 3 year intervals while the body restores the balance. The cluster headache may be the body's way of short-circuiting us into giving it more vitamin D3 and, therefore, calcium for maintaining our bones. In a similar fashion, Verapamil, on top of its effects on the blood vessels, may work by stopping muscular tissue from using up all the calcium in the body and availing it for our skeletal tissue maintenance (Bone remodeling). And that's the only way I can explain the remissions. I think if we all did blood work constantly, we would address a lot of curiosity in this part. Currently, I have an uncle in remission for 15 years. He tells me even if someone offered him a million dollars, he would never want to go through his 20s and 30s again because of cluster headaches. Interestingly, the processes that use up a lot of calcium reduce with age, so maybe he hit the acceptable range of Vitamin D3 and Calcium, and his circuit breakers need not bother him again. So I really hope this study helps. Also, what is our common denominator? There must be some thing about us clusterheads that is common and unless we partake in researches, we won't find out. When the body causes us unexplained pain, the likes of which we get during these episodes, it is trying to communicate something..it is telling us something, and unfortunately, it speaks so many languages that we have failed to understand what it wants.

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