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GOOD Morning! :)

Yesterday sucked, but worked. I napped in the am-woke with the Beast. Hit the o2 and a hot bath with cold cloth on my face.

ATE: Read that again, I actually ate real food! 8-)

Got hit hard again, twice. Then, down for a nap. I was exhausted. Woke at 6:30pm!!! Small hit so onto the O2 again. Killed it. 8-)

Back to sleep at 1:00am. Had to watch The Big Bang Theory for my 'laugh' therapy. I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! Yes I am yelling the good news.  ;D

Maybe today is it-the end of this cycle. Only been going on since Sept 15th. Next week does make three months and that is way too long.

To all who responded Thank You! I really thank you guys and gals as the saying goes.

Getting the Melatonin today too. I will start on it tonight.

I will keep you posted and my fingers crossed. It is Christmas for heavens sake and I need to be happy. Who else is going to do the shopping for the fam?

Damn, shadow now. I will not give in, I will carry on this day, I can be stronger than this cause I got to EAT and Sleep yesterday. I will eat today, even if I have to go buy a meal out (which I never do).

Ha. Positive thinking. Put that sucker back in the corner.

Oh, thanks for the note on Verapamil and Calcuim. Today, I am going to take the Calcium at noon with juice, not with my regular meds. That should help too. Wonder if I should call the Idiot and see about Verapamil in the non extended release form would work better. What form do others take? I read that extended is not the best route for us.


the happy one right now :-*

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I will probably pester you until you find a good preventive, like RC or psilo. Only because I (and everyone else here) has been right there in your shoes.    :)

O2 is a great abortive. But why sit around and wait for a hit, endure that pain, and wait for the oxygen to kick in? You can prevent it in the first place. . .bust your cycle totally, or prevent your cycle from starting.

Get those seeds and JUST DO IT!!!

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naps, may be triggering some of your attacks... i know your exhausted and its the logical thing to do after running marathons with the beast, but drastic changes in sleep, poor schedules with sleep will often result in attacks

i have noticed a huge change in intensity and frequency after incorporating melatonin at bed time and trying to keep a strict sleep schedule

its hard when you get hit at night, and you try to make up an hour or two with a nap or by sleepin in, but there is really no such thing as catching up on sleep, it doesnt work that way


Wonder if I should call the Idiot and see about Verapamil in the non extended release form would work better. What form do others take? I read that extended is not the best route for us.

its been a while since v-mil and i can say this, i used to take 360mg twice a day, they were tablets, SR (slow release )and i had to break one in half. after realizing that breakin the tablet was slightly altering my dose each time i took it, i asked for a dose that didnt need altering of the tablets. go figure i end up with v-mil ER, still not sure if that means extended release or emergency room. though my dose was the same and more controlled, the type of v-mil changed and i never got footing after that with v-mil. SR did help bunches ER all things went to shit

just some reading material




from my quick reading and IMOE verapamil SR is more beneficial for ch than ER, and switching to and from can be problematic, all whom take verapamil should be monitored periodically with EKGs to avoid abnormal rhythms and bradycardia


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It is also a good idea to get a blood pressure cuff for home use as this stuff lowers blood pressure. That is why I can't take a higher dose. Also, do it right. Sit, take ten deep breaths and then start - that gives you a better idea of your sleeping BP. You might be really surprised at your reading. I was.

I too have read about the ER not being as good for us. I am sorry it did not work for you after the ER series. I haven't decided whether to ask for a change or not. It also allows for a higher dose in the evening to help more thru the night.

From what you say, I will re-consider changing it. I really hope for this to be my LAST round of all that ___! >:(

The sleep thingy will be an issue. >:( I just can't run on 4 fours anymore. Especially if THAT is broken sleep. I can hack it for about 2 days now and that is all.



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