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Re: Your progression from CH #1 to NOW?

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I'm reading. And waiting for more input.  :)

Everyone should jump on the bandwagon and help us 'new to the forum' CHer's. I bet that I am not the only one who needs and would appreciate it.

Been in my hole, all alone, because no one else has these and can't fathom the pain and dis-ability we suffer with them. If not for my husband, I would have said Ciao some years ago.


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Well, Spiny. . .I stand corrected. Looks like I'm the only simpleton who went through 13+ different experiments to get this thing under control! I guess everyone else went straight from mind-crushing headache to ClusterBusters. . .I wish I had been so damn lucky (or smart!)

At any rate, my point stands. . .screw the medical community and/or any "miracle cures" that may be out there. We have something that works, and I'm not gonna wait for Merck to synthesize it and sell it back to me for $400.     :)

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