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How do you guys EAT when you are going thru this? I am having a hell of a time - don't want to eat - nothing sounds good - my appetite is down to zero.

In addition, I need to eat for my head, right?

I have taken Magesterol (Megase) in the past for this, but now I don't want to take anything that might mess me up more.

Taking the D3 regime (?) has helped. I can even snap out a good one liner and do math, rather complicated math, in my head again!!!!!! 8-) Taking the Calcium midday with juice has helped I think.

Any ideas appreciated. By the way, we have one pizza place and two burger places in town - that is it. I hate them all.  >:(

I have mostly quit the pain meds. Only three in a week. So that is not the issue. Even when I get hungry, nothing sounds good enough to fix for myself. I feed the family and walk away - the smell of cooking seems to have taken the place of EATING! >:(



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My suggestion?

If you've cooked food for the whole family, sit down and try it. You might find that you enjoy it more than you think you do.

I don't eat much myself, but I try to keep stuff around that doesn't require much fixing - apple slices + caramel dip. Bananas. Oranges. Things you can just munch on. Crackers + cheese. If nothing else, those things will put food on my stomach.

Honestly? You should really try the RC seeds. Nothing like pain free time, or less pain time, to bring back your appetite.


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Spiny, I find that one of my triggers is hunger so when my belly growls, I start eating.  I will back up what the elf says, try the seeds.  It has made my cluster management that much easier.  Matter of a fact, I ate 40 seeds last might as my cycle is starting up after a year and a half of being PF.  I swear my remission time is longer due to seeds or maybe it's luck on my side.  BTW, check out Batches regiment of vitamin D3.  He has a thread started on here.  A lot have found relief going that route.  I'm trying that as well along with seeds and O2.  Oxygen alone has made my cycles easier.  I'm lucky if I have felt a K7 or higher in years due to these boards and the CH board.  Sorry to get off topic here.  Keep reading and retain all.

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Thanks Chad!

I have O2 and have been on the D3, minus the calcium for 6 weeks now. I was on the calcium too, but the Verap I have is ER so the eight hour separation was impossible. Trying to get my idiot Dr. to change it to SR so I can put the calcium back.

I will try your method. I just have to remember to keep high protein snacks in my pocket! ;) Not always that smart.

Still reading on the other.

thanks and PF holiday and New Year to you! :)

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