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Denver Area and Emgality

Elder Emo

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We moved from Alabama to the Denver, CO metro area in April. This is my first attack since moving here. I've read a lot about how altitude can play a role is the severity of the attacks, but mostly when people fly. Is anyone from the area that has any insight? I also got hit on Thursday night right after getting my first prescription filled for Emgality. I hate that I didn't get to take it before my cycle hit because I've heard that Emgality is more for prevention than anything else. It's day 2, and I've already had several CHs. None going over a 5, but typically, I have a "soft" ramp up week in the beginning of my cycle before they get worse, so I'm having a hard time believing the Emgality is making them weaker just yet. 

Also, is Emgality a blocker for mm like Sumatriptan is? If so, how long do I need to detox the medicine before dosing on mm again?

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Hi WU. Sorry for the abbreviated name (your handle is sorta long):) anyhow emgality has had very mixed reviews on here and I wouldent beat yourself up over not trying it sooner as the mixed consincious seems to air on ineffective. Anyhow I hope you find relief from it. It is considered a blocker (I'm pretty sure at least) so keep that in mind if you want to venture into busting. Shoot what's not a blocker these days... I use RC and the D3 Antihistamine reg. I still get hit but nothing like In my past . You found a good place  for questions and advocacy,!

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Sorry I missed this thread somehow....the CGRP meds like emgality are thought not to be blockers as they don't bind to the 5ht2a brain receptors like vitamin M or L.

As @BoscoPikostated, like most pharma drugs they throw at clusterheads they work for some while some folks get zero efficacy!!  I think Trex injections are the only one that works almost universally....unfortunately prolonged and/or overuse is thought to cause rebound hits!!

Generally speaking, I'd estimate pharma drugs for ch fall into the 50/50 category......20 years now of anecdotal evidence here and at  clusterheadache dot com puts busting at 75 to 80% efficacy!!

As to altitude @Elder Emo, one of our other mods @spinylives on a mountain in NC and I've heard her tell of getting hit going up or down......I doubt she's talkin mile high altitude like Denver so id think it could be a factor.....btw, I grew up in Colo Springs and made a short lived move to Denver in 76......lived in an old, old 3 story house in downtown on the edge of Cheesman Park!!

Dallas Denny 

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I find that I am best off if I don't go down this mountain during the months that I normally have a cycle. I get hit on the return to thinner air - going home. Ig I have to go down, I hit the McDonald's for a large coffee and do fine most of the time. 

Denny, my area is ~ 3000-3500 above sea level.

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