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Nat Geo international listings

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The Nat Geo international TV listings are here: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/siteindex/television.html

It's part of the series called "Drugs, Inc."  I was able to figure out when it would be on in some places (Feb 13 in the Netherlands, for example), but others stumped me.  (Seems like the schedule for Norway is only available through January 31, and this episode isn't on before that.  It could be that they are considering banning the program out of fear that Dan's extreme hotness might cause all eligible Norwegians to immediately apply to move to Texas.)

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In the UK, the Nat Geo listing go until 7 Feb. But, from looking at the list of programs, and the order they are playing in, I'm guessing it is going to air on 14 Feb in the UK. But that is just an educated guess. The UK version isn't following the US version to the letter. As soon as I know for sure, I'll post it.

The US episodes went: Crack -> Hash -> Ecstasy -> Hallucinogens.

The UK episodes are: Hash -> Crack -> Ketamine -> Ecstasy ->??

The first episode is tonight (Tues, 17 Jan) at 21:00.

The UK Listings page is here: http://natgeotv.com/uk/drugs-inc/about


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