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Thank You


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I would like to take a moment and say thank you to everyone on this forum who has either replied to my thread about feeling down, and thinking of an action that would end all actions, and to those who have PMed me directly.

I get so frustrated, as I'm sure we all do, by people who don't understand, and are trying to be helpful and suportive. It is like tackling a blazing house fire with a glass of water. But when you guys rally around, and provide support, even at a distance, even via a computer screen, it means so very much more.

Even though I do live alone, I don't feel quite so alone anymore. And that means a lot. Also, I've had a full 8 days Cluster Free! Totally amazing! And that is despite some considerable work stress this week that would normally have woken up the demon. I'll be busting tonight, so hopefully, things will only get better. 

Thank you :D



Last year I walked on fire and broken glass. Some friends and I did it as a way of raising money for a charity. After doing that (I had walked on the fire 5 times that night), I came away from the experience feeling like I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. It was such an amazing and empowering experience. I think I need to remember that more in my life sometimes.

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Renée, I so agree with all you say. Besides, you write so well, I'm sure it's never difficult for anyone to click on one of your posts. I too appreciate very much the support of this community and can't believe I stayed away from it so long.

(...) I came away from the experience feeling like I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. 

I think we're all survivors and very strong, hmmm... especially the chronics

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Renee, what's up girl, glad your are feeling better, walk on fire, that's cool, and you do write so well...stay with us and help express to us and others what we are all going through,  may your strength of fire walking help you to carry on, peace

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You`re here with us after being tortured by this pain. You land on your feets time after time. That is the daily proof you need, it shows you can do anything. Where you want to go, where you set the limits, it`s up to you :)

In Norway we have a race, Norsemen Extreme challenge. It`s 400 m swimming out in the sea, they drop you off a boat in the middle of the night, 111.8 miles cycling in hills and then in the end a marathon. It goes higher and higher and in the end it`s mountain climbing. Whatever athlete you are, this is about will and mind power. Any of this people would beg on their knees experiencing CH. We are tough people. We should never never forget that. We are so strong. You are strong :)

Shine on Renee :)

My best


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