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well it took me a bit to find out how to use the new board but i think i have finally done it at least well enough to say hello, i have missed those of you that i had a prior relationship with and i look forward to getting to know those that i have not met or cyber-met before. my story has not changed much , just my circumstances. still daily , still going back to the occasional medico to try something (new) meaning off lable and still in slow deterioration mode.

enough about me. i am very pleased to see some names here as it helps to know that there are people out there that won't give up trying to help others. i will post any and all details of my last 4 years missing in action as time goes on or as requested.

my best to all...and linda says hi to all who know her.

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Welcome back Tim and Linda! 

Hopefully you will find some relief, whether with psychedelics or busting with some of the other regimens you will find here now, such as vitamin D3, licorice root, and a few others.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Tim and Linda.  I joined CB around October and couldn't be happier.  Awesome people with awesome advice!  I have found complete relief through the D3 regimen and am currently studying the miraculous vitamin/hormone in my Nutrition and Wellness course for school (personal training).

I'm sorry that you are experiencing pain so I am sending positive thoughts your way and hope you find relief soon.


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still daily , still going back to the occasional medico to try something (new) meaning off lable and still in slow deterioration mode.

Hey Tim,

That doesn't sound good at all  :o, and we certainly know all too well from experience exactly what you mean.  :'(

BUT (there's always a big butt) lots of people here who were in that same boat for wayyyy too long, finally begrudgingly considered busting as a last resort, only to find out it should have been the FIRST resort!

Plus there have been developments where some CH'ers are finding that the plant life (Rivea Corymbosa seeds) that indigenous peoples have used successfully for CH etc. for thousands of years packs a powerful preventative punch, with little to no side effects other than a good night's sleep when taken before bed. It's legal to order and possess.

Yep, that's just for starters, so please hang out here a bunch, get the skinny on the latest breakthroughs, and let's see if you can join the ranks of long time CH'ers who've found significant relief, gotten off the toxic chemicals, and gotten the 'ol life back.  :)

Here's some really good, interesting TV and press coverage, etc., that can get you up to speed in a jiffy:

A clip from the recent National Geographic documentary featuring our Dan (Hipshot) here who will likely be around and available to blab with:


A Newsweek article about Clusterbusters:


A video talk by this site's founder Bob Wold:

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Good to have you back, Tim. A lot of changes since your last visit. Read what's working for others here. 26 years is a long time w/out a PF day. Maybe you'll find something new here that'll change that. I hope so. Gotta admire your tenacity. We'll help in any way we can. Good luck!


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