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vitamin notes/stress/shadow busting

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Hi all.

What follows may ruffle some D3 fans; but at the outset please bear in mind: a)this is only my considered opinion b)no one is under any obligation to listen to it c) I will absolutely not engage or respond to any kind of argument; I'm just putting information out there, do with it what you will.

After looking into the D3 protocol in some depth, I have with a good deal of help reached the following conclusions:

1. The D3 itself is of little use. Although many people may in fact be somewhat deficient in serum D3 levels, this can be addressed through diet. Although D3 in excess is not toxic, neither is it therapeutically beneficial and amounts more than the body requires are continually balanced and excreted. Although there is some evidence to suggest that D vitamins are supportive of anti inflammatory activity, there are better ways to achieve this result (see below).

2. The principal benefit of the regimen appears to be the resulting alkalizing and pH balancing of the body through the additional supplements. The advantages of a balanced system in combating any chronic syndrome are well known. This result is also best and most lastingly achieved through adjustment of the diet itself.

3. Of immediate value to a CH person would be adding a general B complex vitamin, and a separate supplement of pantothenic acid (a B vitamin) at 20X the rate of the general supplement; i.e. if the general contains 10mg of B2, B6 etc., take 200mg of pantothenic acid. Do this only at the onset of episodic cluster periods and not for more than three or four weeks at a time or B deficiencies may result.

Stress, especially chronic stress as experienced by people in more or less constant pain or the anticipation of it, depletes pantothenic acid levels in the body and this substance is vital to synthesis of natural cortisone which I probably do not need to explain is the body's first line anti inflammatory defense; low levels of pantothenic acid leave the body incapable of mounting an effective response to a cluster headache. Periodic hypoglycemia may be indicative of low pantothenic acid levels.

If any of this is of interest, consult a nutritionist, not a doctor.

Stress, and especially stress held in the body is significant in what we call shadows as well. I have found two herbs which completely and thoroughly remove shadows and prevent their recurrence;.. Agrimony and Cinquefoil. These plants are close relatives and have virtually identical therapeutic properties. Their signature indications include frantic pain and tension headache, and of course stress. I used the Cinquefoil with unequivocal and excellent result. Both of these plants are available commercially; please be aware of my previous statements re:vendors;.. don't get it off Amazon, buy organic from small makers who care.

The Cinquefoil, according to some sources, is said to have more anti-inflammatory activity, but I can't compare the two having not experienced the Agrimony.

Having tamed the shadows, unless I can herbally un-stupid the government I think I'm about done.

I sincerely hope this information is of use.

Best wishes to all, Les G.

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I'll check 'em out, Les. Couldn't find any locally; went to the biggest health food store around here - Sprouts - only one of their clerks had even heard of it. Thanks for asking about Michael. He's as well as can be expected - considering.


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I'm not surprised at the lack of recognition. Although both Agrimony and Cinquefoil have long pedigrees of use in herbal medicine (Dioscorides and Plinius extol their virtues and they were in common usage at the beginning of the 20th century) for some reason they dropped out of mainstream herbal practice. This is a pity, as Matthew Wood and other prominent modern herbalists have used one or the other of these plants (they are considered interchangeable) in practice with excellent and consistent results. They are used especially in conditions of severe pain resulting in 'holding of the breath', tension, neuralgias, and stress. (Sounds like shadows to me).

Both of these plants are tinctured fresh and usually wildcrafted which does not lend itself to commercial mass production as it is time consuming and labor intensive.

And I apologize, I should have included this important stuff in the first post:

There are no known contraindications for either plant.

In acute situations, a standard dose would be 1/2 teaspoon taken in a little water; additional doses of 5 drops may be taken at 30 minute intervals until the pain recedes (I'm referring to shadows, which tend to be persistent).

I found that taking the cinquefoil in combination with licorice root and skullcap (1/2 teaspoon of each) was extremely effective on days when I felt trouble lurking.

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